Imaginary Lives: 6 Ideas

Late winter 2006 I read Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way and did morning pages and all of her activities. I kept a notebook of exercises. The exercise was to think of five dream jobs that you would love to have – and then figure out ways how to incorporate elements of each one of them in your current life. The task was designed to help identify what excites you and to open your perspective. When I did this exercise I was in my first year of teaching. The year I taught core French and yearned for my own classroom. We also still lived in our little old green cottage.


#1. Art Teacher: I would have my students make art journals and oil paintings inspired by Mr. Gombai.
Since 2006 I’ve taught in my own classroom. Teaching art is one of my most favourites. I not only teach my own class, but I’ve worked out class swapping to teacher other classes art (from the littles to the olders). I am so inspired by these young artists and love sharing my ideas with them. I’ve even co-hosted two art shows.

#2. Graphic Designer: Invitations and product labelling.
I love to design and hand-letter and make cards for friends. I opened an etsy shop for a short stint and created hand drawn wedding maps, invitations, seating charts and save the dates. I closed it because people (brides!) were starting to get a little too demanding and making it un-fun. I still love to design and make posters and cards and other fun things for my friends and family (whether they ask for it or not).

#3. Bookstore Owner: Like Meg Ryan’s in “You’ve Got Mail”
I continue to borrow and buy a lot of books. I spend hours in new and used bookstores just for kicks. I also tried my hand at bookbinding (super cool, but too time consuming for me) and altering books (still a love of mine). I joined a couple of book clubs and try to post some book reviews.

#4. Cast Member on Extreme Makeover Home Edition or Degrassi.
We built a house in 2009 and have been having fun making it over since. As for my acting abilities, I’ve produced/directed 5 epic school musicals (and haven’t been afraid to sing or act parts), I’ve performed my trumpet and super-singing in a few talent shows and directed some awesome movies. I continue to watch Degrassi and follow the characters on Twitter and Instagram. Nerd alert.

#5. Trumpet Player in the pit orchestra of a Broadway Musical or in a SKA band
I’ve been playing trumpet in the Port Elgin Community band since 2009. I also help out with school band stuff and play Christmas carols every winter for our sing-alongs and the Last Post for Remembrance Day. I need to bring a little bit of SKA back into my life. I’m going to pull out my Reel Big Fish CD right now (although real SKA people don’t consider them SKA enough).

#6. Children’s Book Illustrator.
I draw a lot. For me, for Eli, for others. Doodles and whimsy pictures here and there. I’ve made colouring books and zines and yearbooks en mass. My friend Meghan and I still have grand plans to create some Children’s books. She will write, I will illustrate.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 9.09.05 PM

Those were my dream jobs of 2006. My 5 dream jobs for 2014 would be. Maybe I will revisit it sooner than 8 years later.

1) Run my own (online?) stationary/paperie shop. I love everything cards and paper goods and ephemera. I could try it small-scale to see how it goes.

2) Supermom! – Wishful thinking, but I will make a more conscious effort to be more super. Right now most days I am parenting from the couch. It’s probably because I am just about 36 weeks preggo.

3) Photographer: Learn what all of the dials and settings are/mean on Rob’s camera. Read some tutorials, take a course? Take more photos.

4) Restaurant critic/Food writer. We love restaurants. We love love restaurants. Blog posts? Journal writing? Or maybe just get back to menu planning and regular grocery shopping.

5) Act in anything Musical Theatre. I wish my life was a musical. This probably comes as no suprise to anyone reading this. Oh, and Rob and I saw the Book of Mormon this week (so awesome!)

Ok, your turn!

If you had five other lives to lead, what would you do in each of them?  Do not over think this. Comment and leave your list (add a description or explanation if you want) – or start your own Artist’s way journey.


ps. I recently picked up the Artist’s Way for Parents. I will work through it soon.

Inside Eli’s 3-year-old brain

A little while ago, in the middle of a snow squall, I picked up Make Map Art by brother/sister team Nate and Salli from Kid Icarus – a dreamy store in the heart of Toronto’s Kensington Market. I love maps. I really love maps. Before I go somewhere I visualize it in birds-eye view. I once had a summer job working for ERCA mapping the forested areas of Essex County. GIS programs are nifty. I also (used to) make wedding maps. This book was perfect for me.

I decided to dedicate my first map art to Eli and the things that (I think) he thinks about during his 3-year-old day. I had considered going the route of Melissa Balmain‘s Toddler Brain using fancy “brain” words – but thought I would stick with the things that Eli loves instead of things that are annoying about him.


The sizing of loves isn’t necessarily accurate (for example, Blinky – Kincardine’s Light House mascot – should be exponentially larger during the months of July and August and I think (hope?) Baby will get bigger when baby makes a grand entrance). But all in all – these are the things that Eli does/wants to do/insists on doing/talks about on a daily basis. Am I missing anything?

Do you love maps? Do you love doodling and typography? How about 3-year-olds?



10 years ago: A Blogiversary

Ten years ago was my 23rd birthday. June 29th, 2004. For my birthday I bought myself a domain name. (nerd alert!)

Before this date I dabbled with livejournal (see archive) – mostly memes and internet quizzes and friday fives and assorted lists. I think I had one or two followers. It was hip and trendy. I was totally cutting edge. Gone were the days of flashy geocities websites. Those were so 1998.

When I turned 23, I had just recently graduated from the uoguelph in April and was accepted into Althouse for the fall. I was living at home for the summer, working at the Harrow Research Station with my gals inoculating soybeans and having Mexican parties. I entered radio contests, read a lot of books, watched videotaped episodes All My Children and made Powerpoints for my dad’s dental hygiene courses he was teaching at St. Clair. I played a lot of tennis and listened to a lot of Queen and Fleetwood Mac. Facebook didn’t exist for me yet. I looked pretty much the same.


I hadn’t met Rob yet, Kincardine was just a place my parents had a cottage and most my current dear friends were just figments in my future. I had no idea that I would teach French Immersion, be a homeowner, have babies and own a Mac. Lots of things happen in 10 years.

My “webpage” has evolved sort of. I write longer posts with a point. Usually. I still like making lists and writing memes. I still don’t have many followers (by the standards of the Internet) and my entries are fairly inconsistent. I post photos of my home and crafts and pop culture and book reviews and playlists and family and other things I love. Sometimes I write about mom stuff and teaching things and general randomness. There are times when I think I should be making money or get thousands of public followers.  I have dabbled with ads (and get banned for life!), affiliates, sponsored posts,  and created contests/giveaways. But those all require too much effort and I am too lazy for that. I love my blog for what it is, and I hope you do too. People seem to be less afraid to comment. I like that.

Happy anniversary (and happy 33rd birthday to me!)

ps. Just for kicks, I geocities-ized – comic sans overload. I think I just barfed in my mouth a little.



Hello trimester three.

Well, I blinked and all of a sudden I am a couple of days shy of 30 weeks pregnant. The third trimester of babycakes deux has begun. This time around things have been pretty similar. I’ve become reacquainted with heart burn, charlie horses and the “jimmy leg”, I’ve been succumbing to the fast food beast a little too often, I am having trouble fitting into my shoes and I’m feeling the need to do some home decor – inside and out. The new babe is moving around a lot and I’m not too exhausted… yet. I am really missing not being able to have a nice pint of beer with my bbq, sleeping on my back and not being a sweaty mess. This, too, shall pass.

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 12.47.14 AM

I’ve been thinking more and more about having another kiddo in the house, and thinking how upside down things will become again – but in a different way. I’ve done the “newborn thing” and had a joyous maternity leave… but it won’t be the same this time. This time, I’ll have a 3 1/2 by my side. We’ll be playing monster and hide and seek and painting and singing songs and running around the yard and making forts and slides and climbing trees. Not to mention pee accidents, making actual food, socializing and crazy 3-year-old messes. And what about during the winter months? This won’t be the maternity leave I remember from 2011. No snoozing on and off all day on the couch watching Golden Girls and Saved by the Bell; no leaving the house when I wanted to, if I wanted to (let alone getting dressed); not having do anything but snuggle and nurse the baby for hours and not worrying about making meals for anyone. I blogged a lot and stayed connected to long-lost friends, I kept up to date on correspondence, took fun photos and made art and downloaded all sorts of great music. I kept up on laundry and read a ridiculous number of books. I made new friends, hosted LLL meetings, baked goodies and cooked meals and did a lot of home decorating. Yeah. This one will be different. Just a bit. xo

Any tips for me as a “first time mom of two”? How did you survive that scary 4th trimester with your second baby? Did your older child get jealous/revert to old habits/change personalities? Did you fall into a rut of bad habits for your older just to stay sane?

Working mother Should-do…

I found this idea posted over at Working Mother. I tweaked it to make it a bit more applicable to me. Got rid of some of the “shoulds” that I don’t really care about.


“We working moms continue to torment ourselves about doing more—and doing it perfectly—in every area, from parenting to marriage to housekeeping to career advancement. But we need to fight this desire and realize we are doing it all, just not all at once. Sound unrealistic?” – Annie Finnigan

1. Teaching
Almost Perfect I work really hard school – using my preps and lunch to get things planned and assessed. I know my curriculum in and out and try make my tasks engaging and differentiated. I do my fair-share of extra curricular coaching (Sound of Music, say what?), offer support to other teachers when I can and work my butt off to communicate effectively with parents. I also put in some time once Eli (and Rob) are asleep maintaining my class website and preparing lessons. I keep on top of work-related emails and PD opportunities.
But I should be getting to school earlier and staying later, keeping my classroom cleaner/tidier and keeping my markbook organized. I should also be thoroughly lesson planning and loop planning more diligently, spending more time creating inspiring lessons and celebrations, and maybe arranging some sort of field trip. I should do more co-planning and team-teaching and professional research – and maybe even help “spruce” up the school a bit to make it more welcoming.
Chill out! Relax. You are a superstar (and preggo for crying out loud!). You spent many years before children building a great reputation and are continued to be used as a model for others. Give yourself a break! If anything, you should applaud yourself for being able to just “wing-it” and not plan too much at home.

2. Kid Time
Almost Perfect
I spend lots of time playing lions, monsters, peppa pig family, giants and race cars down on Sesame Street. We play hide & seek, and snuggle and giggle and chase. We play outside, play with friends and make art together.
But I should be spending even more moments with with Eli, and not try to convince him to watch a movie while I try to nap. Take him on more epic adventures outside and leave out more invitations to play. I should document the fun things we do together more often and practice his fine motor skills (ex. write his name like other 3-year-olds I’ve seen)
Chill out! Stop comparing yourself to other mothers. They have strengths, but also weaknesses (they just don’t tend to post beautiful pictures of those things). Also – you spend lots of moments (including nighttime snuggles) – and they all count. You don’t have technology in his face and aren’t forcing him to play or practice things he doesn’t enjoy doing.  He is loved. And he knows it.

3. Personal Health
Almost Perfect
I don’t sit down at school. I do DPA with my kids. I chase Eli around the house and up stairs.
Others think I should be doing more to get into better shape— yoga, cycling, tennis, weights… We should probably also cut back on the amount of times we eat-out at restaurants… but I don’t want to.

4. Love Connection
Almost Perfect
Rob and I go out for the occasional dinner and party and mini getaways – thanks to my parents and our great babysitters.
But I should be making sure we have a date night once a week and some intimate time every day. Be better, kinder. Do more random acts, be more spontaneous and be a better listener.
Chill out! Figure out how much couple time is really “enough,” and do your best to commit to it.

5. Housekeeping
Almost Perfect
I do the laundry, bathrooms, general tidying and toy patrol. Rob does garbage and dishes and vacuuming. Eli is good at setting and clearing the table and putting toys away. It seems never-ending, and how we spend most of our weekends. It’s like brushing your teeth while eating an oreo.
But I should be keeping a squeaky-clean house like my mom does. Learn to tidy up every night before bed, learn to love folding laundry and doing dishes.
Chill out! Hire that cleaning lady.

6. Me Time
Almost Perfect
I spend time alone driving to and from work. I stay up later than Rob and Eli to try to sneak in some reading or drawing or list-making. I have band practice every Thursday (from sept-may). I sometimes sneak out for coffee with friends or a book club meeting. Does taking a shower count?
But I should be spending more time painting, blogging, nurturing friendships, drawing, exploring my town, reading, writing, singing, dancing…
Chill out! Schedule a date with yourself  once a week, and put it on the calendar. Drop one errand or do one less chore. Taking time for yourself is not selfish – it will make you a happier, more balanced person and a better wife and mom.


Do you have any “shoulds” in your life?

the everyday.


reading: uppercase #21, Show Your Work, assorted blog posts by artistic folk
loving: my new black pens and grids+guides journal, printstagram stickers, crafts with Eli
planning: some inquiry projects, a poetry anthology, the last two months, an outdoor kitchen
watching: back episodes of Glee, Frozen, the sun go down
eating: nerds. I have a travel box in the car. My fave treat as a kid was a banana+nerd frozen yogurt from Kingsville Variety
buying: some maternity skirts and shorts. This baby will be born in a completely different season. I also need new paints.
playing: peppa pig family, hide + seek and in the dirt. I’ve been listening to the BOM soundtrack and crossing fingers for tickets when it comes back to Toronto!
making: a new baby book, lists, sketches of set and prop design ideas
pinning: art ideas, funny french things, eye-catching loveliness


Everything’s coming up Easter.

NB: This is a re-post from last year at the outskirts of winter, and thought it was appropriately fitting. And my exact thoughts today. I added a new photo and title and a special video at the end.

pastel eggs

I had planned to post more. A lot more. I have sticky notes of ideas and topics, and I even made a calendar to schedule the posts. I just never did. I even planned to write a piece about how well I’ve been managing my family-work-play-self. I was going to write about how I have much more purpose behind my reasons and more motivation to do things. The reality is, I’m not so good at it. I once did a connect the circle dot quiz in the Artist’s Way. Everything is supposed to be connected in a balanced circle. If something is off-balance, it means that you might be devoting too much time for it – or not enough time.

I’m really good at spending time with my little family. I make sure that we snuggle until the very last moment that we have to get out of bed in the morning. And I’ve been getting home from work at a decent time each night and we play, play, play all night.

I’ve also been good at my job. I love my job. Being a teacher is definitely my passion (despite the politics & public opinion…) and I am happy to be a working maman. It’s been said that teachers who aren’t parents are better teachers, because they can devote more time to planning. I agree that I don’t plan nearly as much as I used to (especially not at home), but I would disagree that I am a worse teacher. If anything, I understand the parent perspective a bit better (well… most of them) and I think that makes me a better teacher. I work very efficiently during my prep period, lunch and recess breaks to have more time with my family in the evenings.

Our house is not in shambles, but it is terribly dusty and crummy. I haven’t done any projects or painted chalk boards or put up pictures. The laundry and dishes and cooking and banking are done. But that’s no fun.

I’ve not been so good with keeping in touch with my friends via mail art or email or even social media. I’ve been neglectful, and I don’t like it. I must do better.

I’ve also been terrible with my blogging self. and my painting self. and my drawing self. and my creating self. my artsy self. I am doing a lot of creating for my students and a little for others, but I must do better. I miss my self.

I think I am going to start the Artist Way lessons all over again. And post more.


I also don’t know what kind of a blogger I am. But I’ve pondered that before.

And here is that special video (if you haven’t yet seen it!)

Everything I Need to Know, I Learned from Mary Poppins.

I recently introduced Eli to one of my all-time favourite musicals – Mary Poppins. I love pretty much everything about Mary  - from her snarky remarks and giant carpet bag to her kindness and dresses. I still want a giant carpet bag and to ride a carrousel horse in a race. She really is practically perfect in every way. Needless to say, Eli loves it as much as I do (well – ffwding to the songs + entire cartoon part). Perhaps it was my excitement in the first place, or my magical singing voice that did it – but it doesn’t really matter. Eli goes nutty when he sees a kite flying above the lake and bursts out into “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” at least once a day. Every time he holds a bannister going down stairs he says “Medicine! Medicine! Medicine!” and tries to climb up to slide down. He dances along with Bert and the penguins and cheers during the horse race. He is working on his finger snap.

mary poppins pic

I’ve also realized that Everything I Need to Know, I Learned from Mary Poppins. She has some very important lessons to teach.

1) Don’t complicate things that are really quite simple.
2) Though we adore men individually, we agree that as a group they’re rather stupid.
3) Don’t make pie crust promises. They are easily made, but easily broken!
4) Blowing kisses is lucky.
5) There’s the whole world at your feet.
6) In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.
7) Well Begun is Half-Done.
8) Stay awake, don’t close your eyes.
9) Childhood slips like sand through a sieve.
10) If you don’t scold and dominate children, they will never give you cause to hate them.
11) Enough is as good as a feast
12) Never judge things by their appearance. (even carpet bags. I’m sure I never do.)
13) Do things that fire your imagination.
13) Supercallifragilisticexpialidocious!

At our house, we draw chalk landscapes, hold hands and jump in with our eyes closed. xo Which of these lessons speak to you? Do you share mine & Eli’s Mary Poppins love? ps. Although I love musicals like crazy, I am really looking forward to seeing Saving Mr. Banks – the true story of how the story of Mary Poppins was Disney-fied. P.L. Travers’ was quite upset. (and who doesn’t love Emma Thompson, really?)

Way-Back Wednesday: Back to School Style

more old pics 3

This is me on my first day of Grade One in 1987. My hair is freshly brushed and I loved that necklace. I was probably sweating my brains out in that bulky sweater. I am really rockin’ the no-front-teeth look.

Our teacher was Mlle Pugliese for the 2nd year in a row and I can’t remember anything else about that year. I guess grade one wasn’t as memorable as the other years. (which is interesting, because I have quite a few memories from Kindergarten and from grade 2. Sorry Grade 1.)

Does anyone have a guess as to what kind of a student I was?

(and for my FI buddies, do YOU remember anything from Grade 1?)


my summer on instagram.

Woah woah woah, Where did that summer go?! Eep? Who am I kidding? I love back to school – fall weather, new duds, new students (well, some new ones.).

As a teacher, we don’t really get the “summers off”. Our 10 month pay is stretched over 12 months. We definitely need time to recharge and revive, or else your children will be taught by stressed out, hot-mess zombies. The reality is, we relaxed for the month of July. I told myself I wasn’t allowed to think about anything school related. I pretended my schooled pin-boards didn’t exist and focused on my family and our new garden and mini-trips myself.

When August hit, and I “allowed” myself to think about school – I haven’t stopped. I have some great things that work in my classroom, but every year I feel I have to do just a little bit more, and just a little bit differently, and add just a little more flair, and tweak that just a little bit more. If you’ve seen me up super late online after the boys have gone to sleep, I’ve probably been long-range planning, translating materials, working on my writer’s notebook or pinning all school things. I’m a bit nuts. I did finally post some stuff on my teacherspayteachers site – so far I’ve made $10. Win.

I haven’t been so great at posting here this summer, but I have been consistent with posting to instagram (even thought I don’t have an iphone). Before I return to school postings as my alter-ego Mme, I will share a sneak peek of my summer of Instagram.

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 11.16.19 PM


ps. I did a fairly good job of staying spice-y this summer with Eli. That being said, he has also become very well versed in Buzz, Woody, Mike Wazowski, Sully, Nemo, Shrek, Fiona, Simba, Jasmine & Aladdin.

How was your August? Did you spice up any lives?

Do you dread the end of summer and back to school? Or do you love it?

* Click photo more more.

A scheduled summer?

Before Elijah came along, our summers were full of travels, late nights, dinner parties, lounging, reading endless books, crafting, not having to worry about bedtimes or schoolwork or diapers. We could fend for ourselves and be carefree. In some ways, I miss those (I would love to have a smattering throughout the summer. Please, Rob?), but in other ways, I love playing + running + dancing + singing + going crazy with Eli.

Although I am great at consistency and scheduling and routines when I am in my classroom, I haven’t been as much at home.  I can also get into lazy ruts of endless lounging. I don’t normally schedule my weekends with Eli, or the summers, but I found some inspiration. I found Arlee at She is a mom, teacher, blogger and artiste extraordinaire. She runs an in-home daycare, with a schedule I think we can handle. She tries to make sure that every day has SPICE: Activities based around 5 basic and important needs of toddlers people: SOCIAL, PHYSICAL, INTELLECTUAL, CREATIVE and EMOTIONAL

Social: Creating opportunities to learn cooperation, fostering relationships and positive interactions amongst peer groups.

Physical: Engaging in exercise to encourage development of their muscles, heart and lungs. Promoting a sense of well-being.

Intellectual: Providing opportunities for sensory play, verbal expression, reasoning, prediction and logical thinking. Fostering an ability to think about, and understand their world.

Creative: Encouraging creative thinking, imagination, Exploration, experimenting, innovation and originality.

Emotional: Nurturing healthy concept of self, acknowledging feelings, crafting firm boundaries to create a sense of security, teaching relationship skills and providing comfort.

mosaicThank you for the kick in the pants, Arlee! This will be my summer goal. Add some SPICE. That being said, I am not above having days of snuggly movie marathons on the couch every once in a while.

Are you a scheduler or a fly-by-the seat of your pants type?
How will you add some SPICE to your life?
Any fun (toddler) suggestions for me to SPICE up Eli’s summer days?



Trust Us, It’s Big: Kincardine Pipe Band Parades

I live in a really great little town. Every Saturday night in the summer months, our Scotland-rooted ville gatherseli parade downtown to watch the local bagpipe band march from one end of the street to the other and back. They play a mini-concert at the end. Hundreds of locals and tourists line the streets with lawn chairs and flags and drums and kilts and ice cream cones to see the pipers pipe and the drummers drum. They’ve been doing it rain or shine since 1948. Once the band walks past you, you are encouraged to follow in behind for the rest of the parade. And we do.

I first remember coming to the parades when I was just small when we came up to the Brown’s cottage for visits. Little did I know then, that (I’d be living here) I’d be joining the parade every week.

As I got older, the parade wasn’t really all that exciting for me and the novelty had weaned, but every time we brought friends with us to our cottage, we’d go. When Rob and I moved to Kincardine in 2005, we occasionally wandered up to the parades when my parents were up. We’d run up the hill at 7:59,  jump in the parade at the corner of Durham as it passed and then duck into the Hawg’s for a pint (about 25 steps away). That way, we could still enjoy the bag piping.

We brought Eli up to the parades his first two summers – the first summer in a wrap and the second in a stroller. He was always smiling and happy, but this summer he really gets it. And loves it. Every night after dinner he asks, “Walk? Blinky?“. He doesn’t quite grasp the concept of the future yet, so saying “next week” or “on Saturday”, does not do us any good. “Not today. Soon.” He isn’t usually satisfied with that answer and continues to ask.

blinky eli girls

Blinky is Kincardine’s highly protected mascot. He is a giant lighthouse and walks in every parade after the band. Eli is both infatuated and scared of him. The first week he stood and stared at him for about 10 minutes (see photo). He finally got up enough courage to give him a fist bump. The second week he was completely scared to the point of tears. This past week he was nervous, but didn’t want to miss his big chance to hug him. Throughout the week Eli will bring me the ipad and ask to watch pipeband videos over and over and over again. As soon as he sees blinky’s red top, he yells “Ther’ee is!”. He asks for a rewind as soon as Blinky is gone. Repeat.

We love our weekly ritual of meeting friends on the corner of Durham and walking as close to the front of the crowd as we can to hear the pipes and drums as we walk. At the end of the street we visit with Blinky, bang on the drums of the band members and catch up with the locals. Once the band continues back down the street, we veer off and walk home together into the sunset. Come march with us! xo


(NB to friends: This is not the shirt-tail parade for the Old Boys Reunion – in which we’ve probably invited you and 56 of our closest friends. That parade is in 2018 and it only happens once every 10 years- Just enough time to forget about the last one. THIS parade is a bit more family-friendly and happens weekly. See this vid for an idea – the first of the year and near the start. Most people join in later down the road!)


Have you ever been to a Kincardine Pipe Band Parade? Did you love it? Hate it? Confused?
Does your town have a mascot? Is it both loveable and scary at the same time?
What are your family rituals?

Week one.

Oh my, oh my, oh dinosaurs – it has already been a week since the last day of school. More than.

I am really looking forward to the rest, because in only one week we have done all sorts of things – and it has been fantastique.

eli painting

- chalking the front porch and bathroom walls
- Play-dough making craze
- three pipe-band parades (blinky! chicken!)
- fireworks
- visitors from near and far
- great bbq (homemade + from Kincardine’s FOOD TRUCK!)
- ice cream cones
- walks + sunsets
- painting, digging, colouring
- gardening + new backyard project extraordinaire
- swimming, dancing, bucket drumming
- playing in the park(s) and mowing the lawn
- taking extraordinary naps.

xo. Bring it summer (before my mind wanders back to school planning).

What did you do last week?
Any big summer plans?



I turned 32 the other day. Three years ago I posted a list of things to do before I turned 30. By the time I turned 30, I had accomplished quite a few of those things. The past two years have passed without a birthday post. In my 30th and 31st year, I mothered, wifed, taught, friended, loved, laughed, cried, created, sang, danced, ate, slept, built, performed, invented, read, wrote, skipped, cleaned, listened, shared, played, participated, collaborated and relaxed. DSC07918THANK YOU EVERYONE for the love and wishes and kisses and flowers and cards and phone calls. I feel loved. xoxo.

Normally we have a big weekend of campers on our lawn for my birthday weekend, but since we had our Beer Fest shebang back in May, we opted out this year. A handful of people are expected to join us for fireworks at dusk (hopefully?).

Today marks Canada’s 146th birthday. I fondly remember when it turned 125. We celebrated at school with songs (Canada, Canada… one nation… sing-a-song, sing-a-song, a celebration… let’s tell the whole world that Canada’s 1-2-5) and a tree planting. We made Canada art and dressed in red.

Please enjoy some awesome Canadian musak.