Get Messy: Season of Love

It’s not like I need anymore projects. Really.

But I couldn’t pass up Caylee and Lauren‘s Get Messy Art Journal Challenge that I found via Instagram. Nothing cries “Lindsay” like an online group of creatives art journalling with prompts, inspiration and weekly link-ups. I have so missed art journalling on a regular basis, and thought that this would be the kick in the pants that I needed. What a fun creative outlet.


February + March is the season of LOVE. There have been two rounds, each with a handful of journalling prompts and a handful of art prompts. I very loosely followed the prompts the past two rounds because I haven’t been able to sit down and really think about them for longer than a few minutes at a time. I both love, love, love and hate, hate, hate my spreads all at the same time. The detail is lacking and the words seem empty. I will get better.

artjournal cover2015

IMG_4996 IMG_5069

Do you art journal? Do you paint/draw/cut+paste? Have you never tried?

You should join too. xxoo

oh yeah.

ps. Have you downloaded my super-rad fill-in-the-blanks doodle journal freebie yet? Check the sidebar.


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