Free Christmas Prints

I’ve been a mad woman. When Rob and the babes go to bed, I stay up until the wee hours following artists and shop-owners on Instagram and handlettering. I’m so inspired by these people it is unreal. I’ve decided to start handlettering again because I love all things typography and it gives me a creative outlet.

Here is a sampling of (downloadable) prints that ARE available on my etsy shop NOW. They seem to fall into three categories- Inspiration/Motivation, Kids and Kitchen. I might make them into cards one day, but for now they are printables. I will also do custom stuff. Send me your favourite quote.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 2.57.50 PM

I also created a smattering of Christmas printables, that I am posting here for you to download for free. Yes, free. Simply click the design you like, print (as many as you need), pop in a frame (or use as a greeting card) and enjoy! Tell your friends, tell your mom, tell your co-workers. All I ask is that you please send me a photo/tag me on Instagram/pin on pinterest/share on FB if you use one! Share, share, share.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 2.12.08 PMScreen Shot 2014-12-09 at 2.18.01 PMScreen Shot 2014-12-09 at 2.19.55 PM
Click any of the photos to download the file. There are 10 different designs, with different coloured options in each. (example, the Grinch has 5 different colour schemes) Most are inverse black and whites.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 2.23.05 PMScreen Shot 2014-12-09 at 2.23.12 PM

The words are all handlettered by me, scanned in and coloured in Photoshop (except the “seeing is believing” one. I just chose a fun font.) The artwork size is 8″ x 10″ although the Digital .PDF Files are sized to print on a standard 8.5″ x 11″ sheet. The file includes a border to easily cut out the design. One day I’ll make larger options available.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 2.36.49 PMScreen Shot 2014-12-09 at 2.30.36 PM

If you like these, please check out the rest on my etsy shop! (slowly growing collection). I also take custom requests.


References: 1) Fairytale of New York (the Pogues), 2) God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen , 3) Oh Come All Ye Faithful, 4) Silent Night, 5) Bob/Doug McKenzie, 6) Polar Express, 7) Elf, 8) The Grinch, 9) Oh Come All Ye Faithful two

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 2.31.15 PM Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 2.38.51 PM

Feedback please?


Christmas minis are a thing with photographers. They get adorable props and set up a photography session with families close to the holidays. My friend Amanda posted on our local swap and sell to find a spot for her family, and although there are quite a few fab photographers in the area, she was unable to make the times, or the prices were unreasonable. I private messaged her and told her I thought we could try to DIY it. She provided the great camera and super-fab new flash, and we provided dinner and a nice blank wall with a few Christmas-y props. We took a ridiculous number of photos and had a lot of fun. We may have played some Christmas Boney M.


With photos that cute, we decided that we definitely needed to print them and give send them to friends and family near and far. I love receiving photo Christmas cards from families, saving them from year to year, and watching how the kiddies grow.

I scoured my pin boards and discovered that most of the photo ideas that I had pinned were from minted – a supercool marketplace for papergoods – and I am swooning over their 2014 card collection. I honestly don’t know which design to choose-  but I am definitely leaning towards a simpler brush cursive Merry Christmas (although the photo ornaments are pretty rad and I have a new-found love for all things gold foiled). I really like how you can upload a photo and “at-a-glance” see what it would look like in all of the designs at once. There are 32 pages of options, so I am still undecided.

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 12.31.53 AM

As I explored the site a bit more, I discovered some cool new things. Did you know that minted also sells art prints and other gifts? I had no idea. From cutesy to modern and colourful to neutral. I heart the kaleidoscopes and hexagons and birth stones and French art. I don’t imagine that surprises anyone. You can purchase them framed or unframed up to 44 x 60! There are also inspiration walls, decor ideas and featured artists. You can even curate your own board with favourite art.

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 12.18.26 AM

One thing I love about Minted is how the designs are submitted by independent designers and voted on by customers to be sold in the shop. (I think I might submit a design myself!). They also give back. They donate a portion of all art sales to Every Mother Counts, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that is dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother world-wide with transportation, education and supplies.

They also sell perpetual agendas (my fave) – 22 pages worth of cover choices (and they come with stickers). I know where my next agenda will be coming from. They also sell adorable fabric. Oh and felt ball garlands. I love those things.

Do you like sending (or receiving) family Christmas photo cards? Do you save them from year to year? (or do you think they are just plain lame/expensive/paper-wasting?)

Relaunching Etsy

When I was on Maternity leave with Eli I did all sort of fancy crafts and read lots of books. Fast forward to my current Maternity Leave, and I have found that I have a lots of time to myself again with Eli in preschool and Abby napping. I decided to relaunch my Etsy shop. Once upon a time, I did all sorts of custom work for weddings (seating charts, maps, paper dolls, invitations), and while I am still willing to make those if there is a special request, I decided to put more energy into my love of hand lettering and typography. I am a total font snob.

I spent some time in the summer painting onesies for my yet-to-be-born baby (see the post here!), and decided to take it up a notch and get a couple of them printed. Currently in the shop I have three different designs in onesies and kids T-shirts. They are printed by Dunblane & Turners (A local print shop in Port Elgin who usually prints our school musical shirts), and for sale on my Etsy shop in 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, 2T, 3T & 4T. They are printed on Rabbit Skins (usually fits a bit small) and I am in love with them.


With My Mind on my Mommy and my Mommy on My Mind – Printed in white ink on navy garments. A fun 90s reference.

Je t’aime forever – Printed in white ink on black garments. My love of franglais.

BeYOUtiful – Printed in black ink on either white or pink garments. I have always just loved this refab of the word beautiful. (Abby is still too small for 6 months onesies to be my model)

Please check out the listings in my Etsy shop  and add me to your favourites. Follow me or my shop on Instagram @funkylinds or @mmewright. I am slowly adding some other fun stuff – prints, button sets, paperdolls, cards, and you will get all of the updates there.

You can purchase from Etsy but also purchase direct through me if you want to avoid credit cards. If you are local to me or any of my relatives, you can use the coupon code LOCAL for pick-up or delivery. For the win.

* Any etsy shops on IG who would like to collaborate in a loop giveaway (or other) please contact me! Also, if your kid wants to be a model/brand rep – let me know!

Abigail: 3 months


weight. I didn’t weigh you this month. Will have to wait and see. You are chunking up little by little. You wear 0-3 clothes.

eyes. Blueish- you have a neat lighter ring on the inside too.

hair. dark blond – but you are still pretty bald.

feeding. You are a champion cluster-feeder. Yay.

sleeping . (same as 2 months) You are a super-sleeper. I really, really hope this lasts. Not sure if this is a 2nd-born thing, a girl thing or an Abby thing, but you rule!

things you love. Your brother, the dangling animals on your bouncing chair, driving, reading books, staring out the window, our voices.

things you don’t love. Being gassy.

other awesome things you do. Smile, coo and sigh. Hold yourself up fairly high on your tummy, follow Eli with your eyes…

xo Abigail.

For a super-fun memory, check out Eli at 3 months here!

Week in the Life 2014 – Sunday

Weee! We made it.


Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

I woke up downstairs in Eli’s room – at 7am “new daylight savings time”, fed Abby and went back to sleep in the spare room for a bit.. I woke up with a pounding headache from wearing my monkey headband for too long (mixed with some sleepiness) and I took a short nap upstairs until I could hear Abby calling for me. My parents left while I was asleep.

Today was fairly uneventful, and most of my photos of today are of different angles of Abby sleeping in my arms. We had too much screen time and ate too much Halloween candy. Abby was attached to me all day long and didn’t let me put her down – which is unlike her. She must be going through a growth spurt. I was trying to parent Eli from the nursing chair as best I could, but I had no energy. Rob relaxed downstairs much of the day.

I managed to get Abby to go to Rob so that I could take a shower but Eli found me – and stuck around after I was finished. He then decided to turn himself into a tiger with a washable brown marker he found on our bedroom floor (he must have stashed it there earlier!). I didn’t even care.

Rob and Eli made us some yummy (Jamie Oliver inspired) mac & cheese with bacon while I fed Abby. Rob gave Eli a bath as I put Abby down to sleep, then we put Eli to sleep together. Rob stayed sleeping and I came downstairs to read a bit and scour etsy for Christmas present ideas.

All in all, a very uneventful Sunday to finish off the documenting that is a Week in the Life. I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s finished products.


* A Week in the Life is an idea created by the ever-inspiring Ali Edwards. It is an annual seven-day documentary capturing the simple details of everyday life with photos and words. Staying motivated by Jess Forster, Joelene , Aly and everyone hash-tagging #weekinthelife on Instagram.

Week in the Life 2014 – Saturday


Saturday, November 1st, 2014

I had an amazing sleep in this morning. One of the many awesome things about my parents staying with us – they greet Eli when he wakes up and they play hard. When Abby and I came downstairs, the snow that apparently fell (?) was melted, I had a large banana smoothie waiting for me, and a little guy jumping up and down telling me how much he loves me. Can’t get much better than that. Rob was at the gym and my dad was at the hardware store. Eli and I sorted his Halloween treats into categories, and ate a few as we did so.

Later in the morning, after putting on costume #6 of the week (a kangaroo), we got a Skype call from a cool couple with some big news (No, not my sister!) – but I can’t reveal anything on the Internet. Needless to say, we are thrilled. Eli really liked talking to them.

Rob, Eli and I walked uptown at about noon for Halloween part 2. Kincardine had over 30 of their downtown businesses to hand out treats for local kiddies. We started at Sleeper’s Bed Gallery and saw Laia and Sloan and Will (not planned!), and headed into every shop that put orange and black balloons out front. It was a sunny (but chilly) day, but awesome in the light to be able to see all the costumes. The library had some dancing and crafts out front too. The newspaper took Eli’s photo while he was making a skeleton necklace, and he decided that “pumpkin bowling” was really “kicking down the pins” – it was pretty awesome. The highlight of the day was getting to chat with Blinky and get some pictures taken (he snuck in one with other kids too for the Kincardine FB page). We came home with another big bag of loot (including some full-sized chocolate bars!)

After a chilly walk home, I snuggled my babies on the couch downstairs as we watched a couple of episodes of Peppa Pig on the big screen. My dad and Rob cleaned up the compound and put away our outdoor furniture. I tidied up some of Eli’s outside toys. Rob and I had a date to the grocery store and to church.

When we got home Eli, Cata, Gramps and I spent a lot of time bouncing on the mattress in our living room – knee drops, belly flops, somersaults and chase-  as Rob finished up a stirfy. After dinner my dad took a bath with Eli. So awesome how much Eli loves his gramps – more and more as he grows. He is lucky to have some good male role models in his life. After bath they played “triceratops” and snuggled in with Cata and Abby to watch Alvin & the Chipmunks.

Rob and I went to a Halloween/Birthday party at the Lasek’s house. On the drive over I told Rob that I was really excited because if Rachel hosts a party, she always has amazing snacks. I was right- what a spread. Sometimes you are at a gathering and you find one or two things that you like to eat, but I loved every last savoury bite of everything she had out. Not to mention the bowl of giant sour keys in the basement, girl after my own heart. Lots of people came in lots of great costumes – including some catholic school girls (boys). Dr. Rob met up with the Hulk,  a Lego man, and Wayne & Garth zombies. Rachel and Amanda got their craft on (Wonder Woman and Recycle-Girl?). Amazing. It was a fun night of eating and dancing and singing.

We got home at about 2am and Rob fell asleep right away. I cleaned off my monkey face, nursed my babe (perfect timing!) and snuggled into Eli’s bed with him. He doesn’t snore as loud.


Week in the Life 2014 – Friday


Friday, October 31st, 2014

Abby woke up again all stuffy at about 530am, but I pulled her from her cradle into bed with me and we snoozed until 7. Eli slept in his own room last night so I missed his morning wake-up and snuggles. Although 7am is not my favourite time to wake up, we did get to see Rob before he left for school. I made him a docteur d’apprentissage nametag and kissed him goodbye. I was thankful that I didn’t have to spend the day with a bunch of indoor recessed-halloween-sugar high kids.

I had a dentist appointment at 9am and Eli followed me upstairs to get dressed. “I’m just going to dive into your clothes, ok mom?” and he threw the clothes out of the laundry basket, jumped in and pulled the clothes over himself. Later, on my way out the door Eli told me “I’m not going. I am a grown up boy and I don’t have to.”. Ok, no problem, I wasn’t going to bring you anyways. The appointment was fine – no cavities (phew! My dental parents won’t be disappointed in me) and I got a new red toothbrush. I drove home in the rain.

I came home to my mom and Eli playing playdough “What is your favourite colour?” “Yellow.” “Yellow? I thought red was your favourite colour….?” “Not today. Today is yellow. What’s yours?”. I nursed my babe and put her happily into the swing where she cooed at the animals. I made myself a coffee and a bowl of Shreddies and watched Eli play playdough – hiding his Hulk dolls in the dough – “Look! It’s a Jolly Jumper!”…. at one point he said “If you hear a crash, it’s my fault”. I really love that Eli is getting better at playing alone. He definitely needs someone to start off playing with him, but will continue to play alone after a while. It makes for a less demanding day.

After lunch, my mom painted Eli’s hands and feet black and made some Halloween prints and set them to dry. As I fed Abby, Eli dressed up as a lion for a bit, and then a kangaroo. He and my mom chased each other as these animals and he stopped periodically to check and make sure his “Joey” is ok. “Are you ok little Joey? It’s ok. I’m here” he told his joey in a squeeky voice. We also played a few rounds of Spiderman (Eli) vs. the Hulk (me).

Throughout these activities, I added some details and words to Eli’s prints and we put them up on the window. “Gramps and Daddy are going to be so proud of me!” – and he spent the next 30 minutes rearranging his art. He then decided he needed to take a nap to rest up. I’m not sure if that happened or not, as he went downstairs with my mom, but in that time I tried my hand at a monkey face. I used brown eye shadow and a black eye liner – so easy, yet so awesome. I went downstairs and Eli got nervous/excited when he saw my face “I love you mommy – can you do my face?” And I did.

Later,  Eli made some playdough Halloween costumes for the Peppa Pig Family – Wizards, superheroes, flowers – and got frustrated when it didn’t go as planned. “I was freaking out!” he said. As he played, both Rob and my dad came home. Eli showed them his art, and they were proud. We had dinner and a neighbour down the street dropped off a treat bag for Eli – they were going out and didn’t want Eli to miss out.

We had a photoshoot in the basement of our costumes. Eli and Abby were monkey’s who jumped a few too many times on the bed. Rob was the doctor, and I was the mama who called him. “Is it time to go to Halloween now?”

We met up with Angela, Tyson, Bryna, Blake, Aly, Ryan, Laia, Joelene, Sloan and Will for trick or treating over in a more populated neighbourhood on the South end of town. It was rainy and windy and cold – but it didn’t snow. Abby was snuggled in my carrier and was probably the warmest one out there. There were awesome decorations and pumpkins everywhere and the kids had a blast. They went that much faster than last year, and they truly “got it ” this year. It was fun to watch them, despite the bad weather. We drove over to Huron Terrace to check out the big scary gorilla . There was a basket out front that said “Take candy if you dare”, and if you dared, the gorilla started shaking, growling and yelling. It was awesome.

Before we went home we went over to the Pitre house – like we did last Halloween (do I feel a tradition coming on?)- for a few drinks. Eli and Ollie played and dug into some treats and the adults gabbed about various things. I love those people. On the drive home, Eli fell asleep. Rob followed suit and Abby is currently snoring in the swing next to me. I think it is time for me to go to sleep too.

IMG_2898 IMG_2900

* A Week in the Life is an idea created by the ever-inspiring Ali Edwards. It is an annual seven-day documentary capturing the simple details of everyday life with photos and words. Staying motivated by Jess Forster, Joelene , Aly and everyone hash-tagging #weekinthelife on Instagram.  I plan to type up my words every night on the blog with a handful of photos (in black & white for now) – and after this week is over, I will do some designing and printing of theses pages to put into a book of some sort. I will post it.

Week in the Life 2014 – Thursday


Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Today Abby woke me up at about 5:30 am. (I’m not complaining because she slept through the night leading up to this early awake). She was really stuffy and crying so I brought her downstairs as not to disturb Eli. Rob was up too, since he has started going to Cross Fit in the wee hours of the morning. As I finished nursing Abby, Eli started shrieking from upstairs “My mommy is gone!!!” Abby and I went back up, snuggled with him, and we all fell back asleep until about 7am. “Guess who is downstairs Eli….” “Cata and Gramps!! Come with me mommy, come with me to find them!!”

My parents arrived last night at about 11:30pm and my mom was downstairs making coffee welcoming Eli with open arms. “Did you bring me a present?” he asked right away. She had indeed, some Peppa Pig toys from the UK and a handful of Shrek ears from the cruise. They snuggled and giggled and then Eli announced that he was dirty and needed a bath right away. My mom took care of that, and brought Abby down too, since I had a coffee date.

Angela picked me up at about 9 and we drove to Coffee Culture. I got an English Muffin with egg/cheese/bacon and a half coffee/half hot chocolate. We chatted for a while as she nursed her babe. We also decided that CC really should have a change table in their bathroom. She dropped me back home and headed to her appointment. I love having other moms with babes to get together with and just chat and relax. We try to get together most Wednesdays when our older kiddies are away for the day.

Eli greeted me at the door in his undies (surprise, surprise) and asked if I would take him to the grocery store to pick up some lunch for grandma and grandpa (who decided to visit today instead of on the weekend). We got him dressed (although he would have been happy going as-is) and headed out. It was really weird leaving without Abby, but it was a fun adventure for Eli and I. We went to Sobeys and picked up some sub mix, cookies, peanut butter, strawberries and diet coke. Eli wanted to check out in aisle 5, and was pumped when his soccer buddy Knox lined up behind us. “Where’s coach?” he asked. I took him over to the Kwik-K for a special Spiderman surprise egg, and he picked up an Elsa one for Cata.

We came home, and as I nursed Abby, Eli played with his new Peppa Pig and Danny Dog combo and then he got his lion costume on (thanks Sammy J!) ready for Halloween: Round 2 at preschool. My grandparents arrived shortly before noon and the lion scared them. They brought him some brand new Batman pjs and he promptly removed his lion costume and announced that he was going as Batman to preschool instead (in 10 minutes). I duct-taped some pointy ears to a sleep mask that I cut holes in, and voila! Make-shift. My mom wanted to drop him off at preschool today, so she did.

My grandparents took turns snuggling with Abby. It is really amazing that my kids can get to know their great-grandparents so well. We had some sandwiches and chatted. They didn’t stay long, but it was a nice little visit.

I picked Eli up from preschool (they carved pumpkins today) and he was exhausted. He came home and watched some youtube with Cata at the table while I played with the Project Life app. And then Gramps came home from work. When my dad walked in the door, Eli jumped up and ran to him – all giggling and arm-flappy. They hugged and hugged and hugged and Eli didn’t leave his side for a long time. “Chase me Gramps!” were some of the first words. They played chase and Triceratops (aka. My dad is the dino and he traps Eli) until I left for band practice.

I left for Port Elgin at about 5:45 after feeding Abby again. I listened to Seth Rudetsky all the way in the car. I love my Thursday nights playing music. It is challenging enough, but not so much so that I have to spend my days practicing for it. I also love the sense of nostalgia for my elementary and high school days as I play. I genuinely enjoy going. It poured rain all the way home in the car. I arrived home at about 8:25pm, but “No One Mourns the Wicked” came on, so I had to sit in the driveway belting it out until it was over.

I came inside and Rob (who I hadn’t seen since this morning) and Eli had already fallen asleep. I nudged Rob awake, but he went back to sleep shortly after. My parents went down to read shortly after 10pm, and Abby is asleep next to me in the swing. I made myself some nachos with cheese.  It is just barely 11, but I imagine my last hour of Thursday will either be watching Drop Dead Diva, listening to the Book of Mormon soundtrack in bed or reading a few chapters of my book. I haven’t decided yet. I enjoy these nights to myself.

Goodnight Everyone!


(two more faves of the day)

* A Week in the Life is an idea created by the ever-inspiring Ali Edwards. It is an annual seven-day documentary capturing the simple details of everyday life with photos and words. Staying motivated by Jess Forster, Joelene , Aly and everyone hash-tagging #weekinthelife on Instagram.  I plan to type up my words every night on the blog with a handful of photos (in black & white for now) – and after this week is over, I will do some designing and printing of theses pages to put into a book of some sort. I will post it.

Week in the Life 2014 – Wednesday


Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

I only half-woke up this morning as Rob was getting Eli up and ready for daycare at Kelly’s. I normally get up with him, get him dressed & fed and help him out the door, but this morning I was out of it. I gave him a kiss and mumbled goodbye as he hopped happily out of the bed, eager to spend the day with his pal Evan. I pulled Abby into bed with me and we snoozed for another hour or two.

We came downstairs and I made my morning coffee, nursed my babe and checked my messages and feeds. I realized that I hadn’t taken any photos yet, so I decided to go around the house and take photos of things of today including our couch which is currently covered with baby girl clothes, diapers and toys. I took a photo of our dragonfly name tags, the books on Rob’s bedside table, our bathroom photos and our brand new bed. I gathered my markers and notebooks and computer to do some designing, when Rob came home for lunch. He picked up his binder and joined me for lunch (leftover roast with onions and carrots and celery root potatoes). He played with Abby on the carpet for a bit and went back to work.

I spent most of the afternoon working on my listing for Etsy as Abby napped or nursed or played peek-a-boo. I’ve decided to reopen my Etsy shop to make some extra funds on mat leave, but also because I love design and lettering. I am starting with a franglais t-shirt perfect for my French Immersion pals (I’ve already sold a few!) and then on to the onesies/kiddo clothes. I put my 16 designs into a survey, and awaiting results as to what to print first. I was also playing around with some greeting card ideas, and trying to decide if I should revive the old items I used to sell.

Rob and Eli came home at about 5pm and gave me a giant hug. Rob always has him knock on the door when he comes home. “I bonked my head today, but I am ok. It was just some bad news. I’m thirsty!” I gave him some of Curtis’ grape juice and he visited with his little sis, who was enjoying the mobile on the swing we borrowed from Amanda. She is starting to watch him and follow him around the room with her eyes. He also knows how to make her smile. He also thinks that he can make her stop crying any time she starts. He helped change her diaper and blew strawberries on her tummy. She loved it.

Rob and Eli got their carve on. Pumpkin carve. We convinced him to make a Jack ‘o Lantern instead of Spiderman (we’ll try that tomorrow). They picked out the seeds and goop and carved a face. We put Abby in her diaper inside the pumpkin, but it wasn’t her cup of tea. We had her bathtub filled with warm soapy water next to the pumpkin for a quick clean up. She really loves taking a bath. Eli decided that he needed to get nudie because Abby was and get into her tub with her. We convinced him that he was too big, but he could help clean her. I snuggled Abby in the spiderman towel and nursed her as Eli climbed on my shoulders. “My penis is in your hair mommy! hahah! That’s so funny!”.

Dinner and bedtime happened. Eli wouldn’t eat anything, I am guessing he had a big lunch. I wasn’t going to push it. He is getting better at willingly brushing his teeth since going to the Dentist last week. I also tell him how proud his Gramps is of him when he brushes out the sugar bugs. We read “Eli, No!”, “Red or Blue – I like you”, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” and “Yellow Bear Goes to Catholic School” (the book he got at Kindergarten Registration last week… which hilariously I picked up a couple of years ago at Value Village). Although he got in “trouble” for kicking his feet too close to Abby’s head, he fell asleep fairly easily. I was downstairs before 9pm.

I am just watching some more Drop Dead Diva (it’s been playing marathon-style in the background all day) and anxiously awaiting the arrival of my parents who should be here at midnight. They’ve been away all month overseas and we are happy to have them here for the rest of the week and weekend.


* A Week in the Life is an idea created by the ever-inspiring Ali Edwards. It is an annual seven-day documentary capturing the simple details of everyday life with photos and words. Staying motivated by Jess Forster, Joelene , Aly and everyone hash-tagging #weekinthelife on Instagram.  I plan to type up my words every night on the blog with a handful of photos (in black & white for now) – and after this week is over, I will do some designing and printing of theses pages to put into a book of some sort. I will post it.

Week in the Life 2014 – Tuesday


Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

I woke up in the dark today with a wet t-shirt and impressed with the quality of sleep I am getting with this newborn. 8am seems to be the magic hour for waking up with Abby these days. We’ll see if that stays the same for daylight savings. Eli wakes up shortly after and the first words from his mouth are “Is it preschool time now??” I am thrilled he is loving Kids Co-Op, but realizing that I might have a few long hours on my hands before he goes. After his morning pee and snuggles with his sister, he decided to take off all of his clothes minus one sock and head downstairs for his Shreddies. Today he added a “cold chocolate drink” to his order and told me that the thunder outside hurt his ears. That was at about 10.

Just as I was about to start my mad-tidy for our cleaning ladies, they called to tell me they would be coming at 2pm instead of 11am. A sigh of relief was heard, and I sat down to have some java and catch up on some social media (tweets about Jian, election results, and movie trailers. Everyone seems to be instagramming Taylor Swift’s new album. I also chatted with my mom a bit.) Afterwards I decided it was crucial at that moment to take a shower (it had been a while and I just couldn’t wait any longer). I invited Eli along, but he wanted to watch some Peppa Pig Toys. I brought Abby upstairs and laid her on the bed while I had a short (but glorious!) shower, calling down to Eli periodically to see if he was alright.

As I was putting on my last sock Eli yells from downstairs “Don’t worry mom! It’s not dangerous!” – He had climbed onto the counter and was searching the cupboards for cookies. What the? We had a firm discussion, and then we made some PB&J sammies, I nursed Abby and finished tidying the house. Eli announced that it was 12 – time for preschool!

Shortly before getting ready in his skeleton costume for Halloween week, he decides he wants to be Spiderman. I convinced him to put his skeleton top over his Spiderman one. That seemed to work. He wanted to help paint his face, so he painted once side with red and I attempted to paint the rest of his face skeleton-esque. He was really squirmy, and in order to convince him to let me finish, I let him paint my face too. He got himself ready (boot on right feet for the win!) and I quickly wiped my face. We drove to preschool in the pouring rain and he was so excited to be there. He thought that Laia might be dressed up as a Peanut Butter Sandwich. He was wrong, she came as Snow White. Close enough.

I swung by Tim Horton’s for a bagel and hot chocolate/coffee and came home for a rest. I watched some Drop Dead Diva, ate a sandwich, nursed my babe and did some work on my t-shirt design stuff. Merry maids came promptly at 2pm, so Abby and I went to Pharma Plus to pick up my Synthroid and wander around. Only one old lady stopped me and asked if I had a baby in my sling and if she could see. Lady:”Was she a preemie?” Me: “No, she is just small”.

We picked up Eli at 3:15 in the rain. Instead of our usual forest adventures with Aly & Laia, we met them at the library instead. We read some books and did some colouring. While I nursed Abby again, the other three played catch, spoons and walked on fancy boards. Eli and Laia played and played and played afterwards pretending they were running from monsters and crocodiles and bears and anything else they could imagine. They climbed the railings like monkeys and hung like sloths. They ran and giggled. “They love each other,” said Aly as she took another photo.

Rob called to say he’d be late since he was going to an OECTA meeting (I got annoyed), and Ryan met Aly at the library. We drove out to Pine River pick up some apples and a pumpkin for carving and couldn’t resist the photo ops and cookies. On our way home we stopped by the bulk barn for some more chocolate covered pretzels and the mailbox. Today was a no-mail day. That was sad. (Does anyone want to be my penpal? or at least swap pal?) We got home and had some leftover roast with onions and carrots and potatoes. Rob had left a message at home inviting us to Owen Sound with him (why didn’t he mention that on the other call?). Sad to have missed it. I nursed Abby again and brought Eli up to bed.

Tonight was a long bedtime. I was surprised because he played fairly actively all afternoon. Endless chatter after we did our usual routine.
Me: Stay still, stay quiet, keep your eyes closed.
Eli: I’m not comfortable, I’m thirsty, I have to pee, I have to poo, I’m just checking for boogers, I love you so-so-so-so-so-so much mommy, I just want to hug and kiss you, Where’s daddy? Where’s Abby?…. mixed in with various songs and a goodnight snuggle from Rob.

He finally passed out at about 9:15 and I came downstairs to talk with Rob for a bit and chill. I chatted with Sam and Katelyn and read the first couple of chapters of Six Meters of Pavement by Farzana Doctor (a book my mom won in one of her many contest entries).

It is now 11:43pm. I am going to add some photos to this post and call it a night.


* A Week in the Life is an idea created by the ever-inspiring Ali Edwards. It is an annual seven-day documentary capturing the simple details of everyday life with photos and words. Staying motivated by Jess Forster, Joelene , Aly and everyone hash-tagging #weekinthelife on Instagram.  I plan to type up my words every night on the blog with a handful of photos (in black & white for now) – and after this week is over, I will do some designing and printing of theses pages to put into a book of some sort. I will post it.

Week in the Life 2014 – Monday


Monday, October 27th, 2014

I woke up this morning just before 8am to a squirmy Abby in the cradle beside the bed. I pulled her into bed beside me to nurse her, to convince her to sleep longer. I was up late last night. I have bedtime problems. Shortly after, Eli woke up on the other side of me asking his usual “Where’s Abby? I want to hold her”. I sent him to have his morning pee first. “Ok, I am a big boy, I will do it ALL BY MYSELF!” When Eli came back, Rob came in to give us all a kiss and said how much he wanted to just stay home with us today. I asked if it was too late to call in sick. It was.

After Rob left for school, the three of us snuggled in bed for a bit longer. Eli talks to Abby in a squeeky mothery voice – “Abigabe Yo Abby Dadabby. You are such a big girl, don’t worry, don’t cry – I am here, look mommy is right here too – you’re ok… I love you so, so, so, so, so much.” He was also asking me to talk to him about monkeys, carrots, bunnies and cookies. We also talked about “daddy’s school” and he asked where every one of his friends currently was (I said sleeping). All of a sudden he is finished snuggling and pulled me out of bed – “I want Peppa Pig on the pI-pad! Come with me mommy!” – although he got temporarily distracted at the CD player, turned on Big Bird singing Old MacDonald and started singing. (lately he has been mixing up two songs – “And on that farm there was a dog, B-I-N-G-O and Bingo was his name-o.”)

We went downstairs, I put Abby in the swing, made a coffee (with milk and chocolate syrup), made us some bowls of Shreddies and pulled up Peppa Pig. I checked my instagram and twitter feeds and sent a couple of messages. We talked about what time the big analogue clock says, got dressed and I nursed Abby while Eli jumped on the mattress trampoline (keeping a close eye on him yesterday he was really barfy.) We got our hats and mittens and coats on and went out the door. Eli inspected his witch pumpkin and wondered why I hadn’t yet fixed the eye and ran to the car – climbing over the seats to get to his own. We listened to Kids Place Live and drove to the Davidson Centre. “There it is mommy!”

We were the first ones at Kindergym this morning – Laia and Aly (our weekly Monday playmates) were running a bit late. Eli played with two new girls and I realized that my bright blue argyle socks didn’t really match my black/white damask sling, or my pink umbrella scarf. Oops. Our friends arrived and Eli was so excited, but the two kiddos were having a tough time playing together today. Crankiness ensued on all sides. We finished in the gym, and went outside to the Blue park to play on the slides and the leaves. Our playdate was cut short because of hunger and sleepiness, I succumbed to the fast food beast again for a late lunch and then we went home.

I left Abby sleeping in the carseat inside the door and we had our nuggets. Eli wanted to watch some “surprise egg” videos and Itsy Bitsy Spiderman. I let him be, put Abby in my brown embroidered owl mei tei carrier and I emptied and loaded the dishwasher, and changed the garbage. I put on the soundtrack to the Book of Mormon musical and snacked on chocolate covered pretzels and sour keys.

As we waited for Rob to come home from work, we did a pirate puzzle and played some Spiderman+Green Goblin action figures. I was the Green Goblin as always, throwing pumpkin bombs. Rob came home and hugged/kissed us and turned on Blogged50 on Songza, opened the mail and called his mom. Abby woke up ready for a meal, and Rob and Eli played chase and wrestling while she nursed. My mom called to let us know that they were home from their month-long Europe adventure and chatted with Eli about Halloween.

Rob left at 6pm for the gym and we had some dinner. I packed up the kiddies, dropped off my municipal election ballot at the voting poll and headed over to Erin’s for a La Leche League meeting. There were a bunch of older kids for Eli to play with tonight, and we celebrated our 4th year anniversary with a cake. Afterwards, we drove around looking at Halloween decor in town and came home to a clean house (thanks Rob!). Rob and Eli went to bed, I put Abby in the swing and turned on season two of Drop Dead Diva. It is 12:08 now. I guess Monday is officially over. I really, really should go to sleep….

* A Week in the Life is an idea created by the ever-inspiring Ali Edwards. It is an annual seven-day documentary capturing the simple details of everyday life with photos and words. Staying motivated by Jess Forster, Joelene , Aly and everyone hash-tagging #weekinthelife on Instagram.  I plan to type up my words every night on the blog with a handful of photos (I have 65 photos from today to go through) – and after this week is over, I will do some designing and printing of theses pages to put into a book of some sort. I will post it.

I suck at imaginative play.

On a regular basis, Rob tells me that I am too literal. Too black + white. I usually fight him tooth and nail about those accusations, but I’ve come to realize, he is kind of right – just not the way he thinks. I am a very, very artistic person, but I am very unimaginative.

more old pics 12

I’ve noticed this to be most obvious when I am playing with Eli.  When I was young I spent hours and hours and hours playing with Barbies in the basement with my sister. We french braided their hair, designed their family tree, gave them elaborate homes complete with a running track (crokinole board) and elevator and dressed them and re-dressed them. Sometimes the Barbies re-enacted Beaches or the Sound of Music to their respective soundtracks. The other day, when I was playing action figures for the 400th time, I realized that we weren’t “playing” Barbies at all when I was little. Occasionally the Barbies would run around the track, watch TV, kiss Ken or drive in the car, but really we were just setting them up. There was no plot. There was no imaginative play.

Eli doesn’t play that way. He wants Batman and Spidey and Peppa Pig and Buzz to have epic adventures with one another. I just can’t do it. I try, but I suck. He wants me to come up with elaborate plots and fun and creative storylines. My “adventures” consist of Batman asking Buzz for a lunch date, or Mike Wazowski asking the red dinosaur what his favourite colour is. Lame. I can’t imagine anything. Everything is factual and literal (that wouldn’t really happen!). Can’t we just line them up and display them? Make them outfits or do their hair? Why do we have to actually act them out? Want to do some painting instead? Build some towers?

It’s also very obvious that my imagination is lacking when Eli asks me to tell him a story before bed. I hate storytelling. I offer to read him 5 more books, but when that doesn’t work, I usually just retell a known story. Sometimes I replace the 3 little pigs with him and his buddies. The other night, I retold the pilot episode of Who’s the Boss for his story. Seriously.

Other ways I am black/white and lack imagination.
– I am generally not excitable, it is what it is
– I am the worst liar in the world
– I answer questions Eli has with facts (no sugar coating of things, even if he is only 3).
– I am the biggest copier of all of my artistic endeavors – I like copying artists and following guidelines and tutorials.
– I am the worst at “sunshine calls” for my students and complimenting other people if I don’t really mean it (so I don’t do either). If you get a compliment from me, albeit rare, it is genuine.
– I was terrible at creative writing in school, but really good at scientific lab reports.
– I prefer reading realistic fiction or biographies/memoirs over adventure books any day.
– My writing minilessons (generating ideas) are totally pre-planned (and I’ve even copied small-moments ideas from books), I can’t think on the spot of any good stories to model. Ever.
I’ll just make sure I spend time with my family and friends who have lots of imagination. Maybe they will rub off on me. I doubt it, but Eli will appreciate them. xxoo

 *Above picture of me, age 2 in Florida watching the boob tube with Ernie and Bert.

My Font Reference Book

fonts in progress

I have a fondness for fonts and types. This isn’t news to most.

I decided, though, that I needed a faster process to choose which font works best with which project – instead of sampling them all every time.

I sorted my fonts by colour and type – Serif (has the little tails on it), Sans Serif (no tails), playful, handwritten, block letters, script, symbols/shapes, themed, grunge and new. I had considered giving a sample of every letter, but found using the font name made more sense and took up far less space on each card. I then laminated each one, punched a hole and added a ribbon to tie them together.

I love it.

(my fonts consist of default mac fonts and the plethora of free fonts I’ve downloaded from

Abby: Two Months

You are two months old. Woah. We have started counting your age in months.


weight. Just over 9 lbs. You are comfortably wearing 0-3 month old clothes now.

eyes. still dark, dark blue.

hair. dark blond – but you are still pretty bald.

feeding. Lots and lots these days. Don’t be so afraid of the right side.

sleeping . You are a super-sleeper. I really, really hope this lasts. Not sure if this is a 2nd-born thing, a girl thing or an Abby thing, but you rule!

things you love. Your brother, the dangling animals on your bouncing chair, baths, milk, staring out the window, kisses, the ring sling, sunshine, driving in the car

things you don’t love. Being gassy. That’s about it. You are a really happy baby.

other awesome things you do. Smile, coo and sigh. It is the best.

xo Abigail.

For a super-fun memory, check out Eli at 2 months here!

Mat Leave: Partie Deux

I am on Mat Leave.

I am not sure what my bloggy topics will be in the months to come. On my Eli mat leave I was passionate about breastfeeding and babywearing and bedsharing – now I realize that it’s what works for us – but I don’t need to post about it.

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