new years resolutions…. a little late… but…

& make tummy flatter (this will come with a healthier diet- see below)
& lower cholesterol (got in trouble by miss doctor not too long ago. my thyroid levels were normal, so we can’t blame a missing thyroid on high cholesterol… must change food intake)
& stop eating after 9pm (i go to bed pretty late, so this is reasonable. Will help in lowering cholesterol and flattening tummy)
& be less shy- like when i was 4 years old in the home videos (improve my manners and social skills with people i am not comfortable around)
& stop slouching

& keeping in touch better with a few of my friends… actually a lot of them. Kate, Kristy, Michelle, Sara, Mags, Judy, Andrea, Christa, Adam, Andrew, Shawn… try to make a weekly time with those that are in guelph. I don’t see them enough. As for the non-guelphites, better communications, letter writing and cards will be a good move, since i live for mail.
& increase my average this semester. I am slowly slipping. If i want to get into grad school i’ve got to boost it a couple of percent. – this may be pretty hard, seeing as i worked my butt off last semester, harder than any semester before that. I had a really bad exam schedule though. That’l stress out a person.
& watch all the movies on my to-see movie list… (see next post)….
& make money, make more time for myself (crafts, friends…), keep up on LMAOs, livejournal and penpalling
& make a decision about summer plans, future plans (grad school? teachers college?)