My horoscope.

so i’ve recently found comfort in my horoscope. It’s sometimes sad that i fit the Cancer stereotype so exactly, but also pretty cool. Here are some dead-on quotes from “Cancer’s love Profile” from

Your negative traits:
Insecurity – you tend to need a huge amount of comforting from your partner (So true. Although I’m not really insecure in life in general, i do need a lot of loving)

Your ideal partner:
Loves to take care of you. Being a good cook and masseuse doesn’t hurt! (hell yes.)

Your dating style:
Slow. You enjoy dates that last all day, with plenty of time to talk and get to know one another. (again. very true.)

Your seduction style:
Orally talented – you’re known as the best kisser in the zodiac. (Yay me. Very funny. I’ve also been told that trumpet players make the best kissers. Because i am both a trumpet player and a cancer… i must be off the charts!)

Best day for a date: Wednesday (Is anyone available next wednesday?)

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