Life updated.

So I guess I can give a little bit of a life update since last summer.. hmmm let’s put it into topic headings…

Family: Nothing really huge happening, or different. I’m living at home this summer, and i love it. Especially the meals :) Mom and dad re-did the kitchen/TV room by knocking out the wall in between. No vacation for them this year, I guess! There is talk of going to NYC or down to Texas at Christmas break or reading week next February! yeee.. Andrea is good. Working at Lakeside, giggle. I don’t really miss that, but it’s funny to live it vicariously through her. She’s “seeing” a guy. He’s really cool. Seems to treat her much better than that other guy she called “her boyfriend”. Ugh. She’s going to a concert with the ex this weekend. I hope she doesn’t get back together with him, it would just make things go in reverse. I hope i wasn’t too mean to her when she brought him up in April, but I needed to let out my opinion. I’m scared for her when she’s with him, but i don’t want her to hate me for telling the truth. So i’ll support her with whatever decision she makes, but i’ll still definitely be very worried. aww.

Love: In February Mr. C and I tbroke up. It was well overdue, and anticipated. I’m happy that we broke up, not because our relationship was bad, or because he was a bad person, or because i was a bad person, it just needed to be done. We are still talking on some level, and i don’t want him out of my life as a person, just as a boyfriend. The breakup wasn’t bad either. Very mature and honest, which in some ways makes it difficult, but i’m glad it wasn’t because of a big fight, or another person, etc etc. The only thing I wish he’d realize is that I am not strung up over him. sigh :) So, does anyone know anybody who’s interested? ha. I’m just taking a break from relationship stuff for a while anyways, regroup, and meet some handsome teacher wannabes in september !

School: Well I finished my 4th year. I graduated with an honours Bsc in Molecular Biology and Genetics at U of Guelph. And in April I got accepted to 4 Teacher Colleges! (screw you, York!). Toronto, Ottawa, University of Ontario and Western. It was a pretty difficult decision fora while because they all offered so much!! But when Kate got accepted to Brock for her Masters, Ottawa seemed less appealing since I didn’t know anyone there anymore, and Chris and I broke up, so Toronto lost some of it’s finesse. (hah, my decisions were not COMPLETELY based on Kate and Chris! Don’t get me wrong). And Oshawa still hasn’t gone non-smoking, so Western was looking better and better, until Andrea (who goes there) dropped the bomb that she “may” get back together with her ex. I know I know it shouldn’t affect me, but it did a bit… but i finally got over it, and I am headed to Western (in London, Ontario) for Teaching in the fall. Andie and I got a cool apartment together (so excited to decorate!!) and we can share a car! Tuition is due soon. dammit.

Work:Back this summer at the Harrow Research Station via Agriculture Canada. I am the “inside” worker this year, although last week I counted over 50,000 soybean plants outside. heh. Anywho. it pays $14 an hour to do very little. Granted, some days are harder than others, but overall, I feel like a waste except when I have to do some molecular work. Seems like they save all of there jobs for the whole year for the summer students to do. But overall it’s okay. Just DEFINITELY makes my choice even easier about what NOT to do as a career. But the other students I work with are fantastic! Had a Margarita party with them Wednesday night :)

Fun: I’ve been doing a lot more artsy stuff. See? .. . and finally planning my trip to Ireland (and england and wherever else I want) for next summer!!!! I’m so excited!!! More on the fun front later, I have to get back to work!!