Summery updates

It’s 10:30, it’s time to party, I’m your excellent host Wayne Campbell. With me as always is Garth. Hey Wayne, Hey Garth.

Martha was sentenced today. puts it best when she says “She should have gotten community service to open her mind to where her money could be used to greater help the world perhaphs…How about cooking schools for teenage moms…something..”  Good call!

Regardless, I’m still getting her KIDS magazine sent to me in the mail. I can’t resist. Her people still have great crafting ideas.

This week flew by, without much posting on my end. The weeks have really been flying by. Monday and Tuesday are usually just awful, but the rest of the week is mighty okay. Really, not much to report though.

Family: Cata and Charlo still doing fine. My dad is on my case to get his powerpoint presentation done for his oral anatomy class at the college. He gave me a deadline, I’ll get it done!! sheesh. The momma-son is still hanging out at home eating bon bons. Andie is good. Flip-flops every 3 nights with 1 of three men. She doesn’t want a boyfriend she says. The one is just a tv buddy, the other she’s dated before and the third guy is really shy and quiet, the most potential if she decides to have a relationship. He’s cool. He makes flowers out of napkins.

Love: N/A (at least not yet.) Waiting patiently. I need to meet some new people. really.

School: also on hiatus. The countdown is on though. Roughly 1.5 months until I get to hang out with all the wacky teacher wannabes. I can hardly wait!

Work: blah. Getting annoyed somedays. Some meaningless work going on. I mean some days are full of things to do, and others just drag on. The girls at work are fun though. One of which has had a long awaited “encounter” with a boy, only to find out he’s going away to europe for 3 weeks. It may have been a good thing to get a kiss in before he left, but also a bad thing. Now she’s just going stir crazy. heh heh heh.

Fun: Just crafting away. I have to make some CD’s for April’s birthday, finish up the camera scavenger hunt for Christa’s wedding (such a good bridesmaid i am. giggle), work on dad’s powerpoint, and scan some crafty ideas for Sara this weekend. That’s my element of fun. BUT. .. next weekend i’m going to Cambridge to visit Michelle!! I miss her a lot! We used to spend every day together for 2 years, and then we saw eachother once in a while the 3rd year, and never the 4th. It’s a long awaited “reunion”! and the following weekend is Christa and Bill’s wedding!! My dress is hemmed and my shoes are bought. I should probably do something about my pasty white tanless skin though.. hmm.. Anywho. i’m excited!