feeling: pleasantly plump. yum dinner!

seeing: my sister running around after work

listening to/hearing: mom and andrea talking about ebay

reading: “sex drugs and cocoa puffs”, “anne of green gables” (again), “7 daughters of eve”, “wish” magazine

watching: taped episode of AMC

eating: nothing. but it’s just about snack time.

surfing: http://www.ths.nu/ , www.mushycat.com, and www.funkylindsay.com hee hee.

chatting with/to: niksa, sort of.

stalking / loves / missing: nobody right now. surprisingly! haha……. family and friends……… some old friends

craving: peanut butter, the weekend, sex and the city season six part 2

other randomness: hmm… just regular work day. we decided to each make a list, a la “high fidelity”, called “top five people who annoy me at work”. Watching another taped episode of AMC, just spent some dough at Walmart. (i heard target is buying out zellers!! yeehaw!)

tomorrow: work 8-4, tennis 7-10… i may head over to Elaines “real” going away party between the two, but we’ll see how tired i am.. Tuesdays really suck.

thanks for the idea purpleglow!