stuff i’m doing

feeling: surprisingly not tired. it is 5:30 am, and i haven’t gone to bed yet. oops.

seeing: not a whole lot. it’s very dark outside. the dang snow is still there though.

listening to/hearing: a giant playlist of 80s hits.

reading: “starring sally j. freedman as herself” by Judy Blume, “wish” magazine

watching: no tv on.

eating: nothing. almost breakfast time! I crave cereal.

surfing: my own site. Updating.

chatting with/to: myself in my head. Nobody is around at 530am

stalking / loves / missing: I love Roberto.

craving: cereal . . .(repeat?)

other randomness: i cleaned my room today. That was fun.

tomorrow: nap. meet up with Rob. meet up with meg and paul. (maybe they’ll want to go out for dinner with the JI5s.)