violet, you’re turning violet!

That new charlie and the chocolate factory movie is coming out soon. Im not sure how I feel that there are no songs whatsoever. its my most favourite story ever, yet, i am obsessed with musicals.. . we;ll see how tim burton does with this one.

i have been spending the past 24 hours or so re-creating my website with goodness, and ive revived my livejournal. (hopefully i can keep it up!)

i found this really awesome idea for miniature pies. cutesy. im definitely making them. somebody have a tea party.

last night i also made this cool little tin for meghan who told me i never compliment her. i altered an altoid tin and filled it with a retro beaded friendship pin and a number of pieces of paper with a compliment on each one. ill give it to her tonight.

now it is time to go scrounge the fridge. i;m starvin marvin, but i didnt grab anything when i was doing the dishes because my fingers were a bit prune-y, and i dont like eating with pruned fingers. just don;t.