jobs and drawing

i need a job job job a job.

Okay, well i'm not 100% jobless, I do have 2 tutoring gigs, but that's probably only about 6 hours max a week(at 20 bucks an hour though). I have a couple of camp job interviews sometime this week, but if I get a spot, they don't start until July, so I need some fast cash until then. Shift work during the day would be best. My sister got a job at Angelo's, maybe I'll follow her suit. I applied for a bunch of catering jobs as well- we'll see if anything comes though. (likely not, I'm either too qualified, or not qualified enough. grumble)

Anywho…. as I watch Rob lesson plan for his LTO position, I draw pictures. Here is one I drew yesterday. I lost a lot of patience, so the detail isn't there that usually is- especially in that blanket…. but good enough.