seron & interviews & mexicans

Oops! I've skipped a couple of days.

umm let's see.

Tuesday- woke up…. oh right! That's the day that i didn't get dressed or showered at all. I did have a 2 hour long 3-way msn chat with Kevin and Meg… ahhh unemployment is relaxing.. . but boy do I get lazy quickly!

Wednesday – woke up. (yes again!)… I finished my Smart Serve online cerification, jumped rope in my livingroom for abour 40 minutes while catching up on AMC, Adam (my pilot friend from home) popped in for a surprise visit, then I went to tutor at this new tutoring place called Seron Academy. I suppose you could compare it to those Sylvan Learning Centres, except these kids are all Korean. Rob and I are the only white people there. He is tutoring french and I am tutoring math and science, which is all fine and dandy, but I reaaaallly have to brush up on my highschool chem and physics. oops. The kids (good? bad?) aren't going for extra help because the parents are making them, they go because they aren't “satisfied” with an 80, they want 90s. . .. so they want enrichment, essentially. man oh man. I've also started remembering that in highschool chem, i just got into the habit of memorizing what happens etc,, i never bothered asking “why?!” things happen, i just trusted Stammler. Of course, these korean geniuses are going to be asking me “why?” gahh… and I can't do my usual “Well, it just is”……..  Anywho… after that, Rob and I went for Sushi (mmmm gyozas!). I *think I saw Michellyn Mancini eating icecream outside, but i was too chicken to say anything. .. . besides it's been 5 years since I've talked to her. Anywho… after we met Kevin and his friend Holm at SilverCity to see Hitchhiker's Guide…. I LOVED it! The random neat-o humour is my cup of tea — besides that and the fact that I read all the entire Hitchhiker's series in highschool. I thought they did Douglas Adams justice.

Thursday is today. I'm up… I called to set up an interview for a summer camp at Fanshawe- but that doesn't start until July (if i even get the job) .. . I'm still summer jobless. I need something besides this tutoring. ..  I've applied at least 70 places, and i'm either underqualified or overqualified. A lot of the postings go down this weekend, so maybe i'll get some calls next? Je ne sais pas. . ..  I'm actually quite enjoying the time off. I want to go do some art!

For Kelly, April and Jen- I re-uploaded all the summer lab pictures from last year. Don't worry, they are still available!! Here is a sneak peek for all of those who don't know my crazy lab rats….


This weekend is the big “surprise” celebration for my grandpa's 80th birthday. (ok so he turned 80 in April, but this is the only time that the entire family can get together to celebrate). We are taking him to a BlueJays game (he LIVES for bluesjays baseball- never misses a game on tv, but probably hasn't been to an actual game in 15 years) and then to the Mandarin… (yes yes, I went last week with meg and paul and rob.. .but still!) Yipeee! Tomorrow night we are meeting my parents at the Outback (oooh do I crave those ribs!). Rob is coming to. He'll meet my mom's entire side of the family. . .. is that a good thing? heh. we'll see! Toronto here we come.