camping & posts & grad plans

Sob. I want a teaching job for September. . .And I know i'll eventually have something (even if I am subbing, or tutoring or volunteering) but stillll I have to wait until then!

Went camping at the pinery this weekend. It was “hot hot hot” – temperature I mean. Grand Bend really just doesn;t excite me all that much .The strip just reminds me of Miami and it;s too busy. I;d rather go up another 1.5 hours along lake huron to kincardine where it is more peaceful and quiet. Maybe Im just getting old. . .  but no .. . I never was much of a partyer. Went with Chris/Heather, Glenn/Crystal, Jeff/Leanne and Colin and the 3 crazy dogs. It was nice and relaxing, but too hot for me. Hopefully it isn;t as hot when we go camping in July!

Meg and Paul invited us to come to Florida with them in July as well (i hope we can go! yay road trip. . .and I haven't been to Florida since 1997- Our family used to have a place there and we frequented it there 3 times a year)

I finally finished my RRP and Drop Box and moderator assignments for my Spec Ed AQ course last night. I still want to kick that Sandra Pong woman – she posts WAY too often – There were almost 300 postings for module 2 alone (only 20 people) – – thats way more BS than the math or language courses.

And it's Monday again. I don't have to work at the convention centre this week until Friday, and a bit of tutoring on Wednesday and Thursday. Kate is coming down tonight and we are going to go for a drink and a photobooth picture. hee hee. Tomorrow is our Althouse graduation. Meg gets to carry some flag (some prestigious award- your'e so damned smart). Apparently some people are really excited about it. I'm not really. Maybe because I just had my university graduation last june? dunno… Rob's mom and his cute little neices are also coming down tonight on the train from Kirkland Lake. Since Rob works all week at school during the day, I am the entertainer! I'm actually kind of excited ;) Cata and Charlo are coming up for grad too. They are taking us all out for lunch. huzzah!


Meg and I have decided to start a collaborative book arts project. I'm so excited! I can't wait to see what she's written. tee hee.