camp & weddings & camping


It's been a heck of a while. hasn't it? Yes Paul – i am finally updating… (ps. you and Meg fell off the face of the planet the other night… are you alive?)

All is the same pretty much.

I am on to week 2 of my camp job. . It;s okay, but exhausting. It;s like lesson planning for gym class all day long – except you can't just blow a whistle and expect them to listen, because they call me Lindsay instead of in school – Miss Morgan.. sob. Anywho. If anyone has any great camp games (outside, runnig or even just sitting circle games) I'll try anything – since small groups of kids get bored fast (and i can only play so much dodgeball)

Frana and Will&s wedding was this weekend. The church was ridiculously hot, but they gave everyone water. heh. The reception was good, minus a few snags – some unexpected, and some expected. But all in all- a fun danceroo time! Our table won over the hearts of the wedding party with our spoon rendition of “That;s Amore” to get the couple to kiss.

Rob is gone for the week at a cottage in Lakefield. I;m lame, but I miss him. Maybe hell get bored and come home early!

The following is a drawing of a woman who sat in front of me on the #20 Cherryhill bus. She had a big fat sunflower on her hat, dyed orange hair, lots of big gawdy rings and reading the new harry potter. I don't think I did her justice. I wish i could sketch more often on public transit, but it kinda makes me motion sick.. .aww