a backlog of illustration fridays.

I have the Illustration Friday button on my website, but one would think that I don’t illustrate. I do I do! I just keep forgetting to scan them in… HEre are a few (including the most recent)

Weekend was goodish

Friday- met Cata and Charlo in London. Went for pho at Ben Thahn’s (hey Mike have you tried that place yet?), then met up with the Cotes at the Brass Door to see the BA BAracus band. Quality stuff. Eric and Erin were dressed up as Guns N Roses, and BA were dressed up as Batman and Robin. We didnt dress up. We didn’t know.

Saturday – my FSL course. It was okay, saw lots of presentations, and listened to core french teachers complain and seek advice on their teaching situation. Made me realize that although I feel isolated from the other teachers( nobody else teaches my curriculum in the school etc) and the students are bezerk, It could be much worse! :)  After that we scrounged Value Village and Walmart for very last minute halloween costumes for some party. Rob came up with Hanz and Franz from early 90s SNL. Grey sweatsuits, gym belts and “fake muscles”. Pictures to follow. We met Bill and Christa for dinner at Kelseys. Yums. I like spending time with them. I want to do it more often. Bill insists that he will start leaving me comments on here. I hope he does! I wish more people would leave comments, so I know if anyone actually reads this!? . .. . We then went to a party (friends of friends).. Android came with us. We were kinda bored though. (and tired from the week and day that I just wanted to sleep).

Sunday- vedged. Had some eats from Angelo’s and came back to the Kink a little later this afternoon ;)