Artist`s Way

I’ve decided to take the Artist’s Way challenge. I picked up the book in Fincher’s the other night and was leafing through it. There are some God references, but it isn’t a christian book. Just spirituality, in general.

For this, we are assigned morning pages (three full pages every morning of anything), a weekly artist date (this i can handle! I already do this frequently!),  and tasks that vary each week (with homework much more exciting than designing mock french units for my FSL course)Â

I feel that I want to give my creativity a boost- instead of staring blankly at the walls and stressing about my school day.

I also happened to stumble across a multitude of people blogging about the challenge. They are on week 3 already, but I can still read their past posts. Tres cool.

Julia Cameron (the author) wrote her first morning pages in New Mexico, sitting at a desk with a view of a mountain. Wow. I wish I could wake up, make myself a cup of hot cider, sit at a wooden table with just a journal and pen and some fresh flowers to write. No mountains here. There is an awesome view of the lake, however, we have plastic on the windows and the blinds are cold because of the draft. Also, I am the worst person in the morning. I sleep until the very last second. This will take some motivation!.

I’m ready to start the morning pages. Tomorrow my goal is to get up before I need to and write those three pages.