snowday #2.

Well.. I’m on to snowday #2. My kids are on to their 6th DAY OFF.. They will be absolutely wild tomorrow. Most of the roads have re-opened, but not hwy 21. They’ve been trying all day to open roads, but they have to keep re-closing them. Being in town we are really sheltered, it must still be awful in the open areas. 21 is closed from Goderich to Springmount (just about into Owen Sound)— wow. Dad got out to shovel the driveway today- and it’s actually quite sunny. I’m banking on going back to school tomorrow.

It is also becoming the time for all things Valentine. Craft Mag is having a contest (click photo for link)

Volume 2 is also out! I want I want!

Martha has little pins for kids. I’m definitely making these for my students. (with little messages inside)

ahh.. these are super cute too Martha!

and although I personally hate cinnamon hearts, they are still darn cute:

and I’m pretty sure i’m in love with martha right now.

click for free template for this one: