the end of april

Alas. I am back – it’s been a while.

Last week was “turn off the screens week” – and our schools all participated. I thought that I would take part too — so besides a few facebook pokes, and a 10 minute max email check a day, I drastically cut down my lazy internet time! Although, after a week, I’ve come to realize that I can’t give up my blogging and crafty inspiration, but I don’t have to spend hours looking up random unimportance.

So what did I do instead of blogs and tv every night? I read (A LOT!), wrote some letters, did some wedding planning, made some papier mache balloons, and read some more. I read this book – My Wedding Dress by Susan Whelehan  and Anne Laurel Carter – and it was super lovely. It is a selection of short essays about different Canadian women and their wedding dresses (and the relationships that go along with them) !

I also picked up the 1000journals book. There are teensy thumbnails of a couple of my journal entries – but they are the same photos from the other book i was “published” in. It is a really neat book – it comes in the same size and shape black blank journal that all of the original 1000journals were – very visually appealing (and reminds me of postsecret)

I also picked up this cool NyC City Walks deck. It has 50 individual neighbourhood maps with walking routes and things to see. I’d love to get my hands on the Travel Moleskine for NYC too. . . If anyone out there has any recommendations for visiting Manhattan – let me know! (We are going there for a few days before we board our honeymoon cruise in July!)

In other news –

On Friday we took the two school choirs to Musicfest in Walkerton – I am the conductor for both – and both of my choirs one FIRST PLACE!! Yay! It was cool – and they were really excited (especially the primary kids!)

This weekend Rob and I found ourselves in London. Friday night we hung out with Andrea and Kristen and Stephane – went for a Stella tasting at Winks

We then picked out our wedding bands — doo doo doo. Mine is a simple skinny (2mm) white gold band to fit under my engagement ring, and Rob’s is a thicker Tungsten (!) ring.

They will look something like this. When they come in, we’ll have to decide if and what we want them engraved with.. hmm,

Saturday afternoon we headed to Heather and Chris’s for a co-ed bbq babyshower for Glenn and Crystal! (it actually didn’t end until this morning. ha)

Time to go watch the episodes of Degrassi TNG and The Office that I missed while being “Screen Free”