to draw or to draw.

I have many loves in life – passions, you might say. Two of these loves are drawing and computing. I love doodling and drawing and colouring and lettering and painting and swirling. I love reading blogs and emailing and making pretty pages documents and playing with fonts and photoshopping.

With these two loves, I have constant dichotomy. Which do I choose? When I write a grocery list, do I make it intimate and playful with my hand lettering and doodles? or do I make it organized and pleasing with my computer. Do I hand-write these midterm report cards, or do I type them? And what about letters and ideas and posters and messages? Seriously, this is tough decision-making.* I honestly weigh the pros and cons in my head before I choose one or the other. And at times, after realizing I have made the “wrong” decision, I will start all over again. “You’re nuts!”, says my husband. Or maybe it is just my ADD. You should take a look at my classroom.

Why should I use the “fill-in-the-blank” schedule template like the others teachers when I can make it pretty on my computer?

Why would I use an online calendar (or a real calendar, even) when I can draw it myself.

I like to make hand-made signs for my class (or have THEM do it!) instead of computer generated ones.

But I love to make subject plans on the computer.

and I make to-do lists on paper. usually.

Again, it’s the ADD. I think a bit of perfectionism too – but we’ll save that for another day.

*please know that this is not a serious problem in my life, I do realize there are more important concerns to have. I am just sharing the madness that is my cerveau.