back in the USSR.

My life reeks of nostalgia. TV nostalgia mostly. I spend hours and hours on youtube and remembering these episodes, movies and commercials. And not the “common” old shows that everyone remembers, the older obscure ones. Those were the best.

– Whenever someone says, “hey! remember that show?” – my response is usually, “umm… yeah, I have a copy of all of the episodes organized and catergorized on DVD or bookmarked on youtube – where have you been?”

– Some of my favourite music includes TV theme songs (and old classic commercials and sesame street number songs). You usually can give me a title of any 80s (and many 90s and 70s for that matter) tv show, and I’ll probably know the theme. The BA Baracas band also rules my listening world.

– I really miss the Fry Guys

– old TVO & PBS & CBC shows are probably still my absolute favourite. I always wished I could be one of the kids on the Elephant Show; eaten those giant marshmallows with Jeff; defeated Duneedon with the Herbertville Chronicle Team; made dinner with Ramona & Beezus; gone to see the Zit Remedy; danced in the forest with les Squelettes; drawn on Mr Dress-up’s easel; played the recorder with Friendly, Rusty & Jerome; and made someone say “I Don’t Know!”

– I am, at this very moment, watching Rags to Riches. Next will be Our House. Maybe the episode with the house fire. I think I’ll look up Camp Cucamonga next.

-  I want Rob and I to go as Mark & Tom from Camp Caribou for Halloween. But he doesn’t know them. Maybe I should suggest Moose & Beaver?

– I also scour ebay regularly to see if they have the little plastic cabbage patch (cabbage catch) figurines, sylvanian families, gloworms or the pastel make-up disguised as jewelry. Or maybe a popple? I also really miss my Butterbear doll and Annie figurine.

– When I first started making websites, I made one about 80s toys and tv.

– One of my favourite emails is this one. I not only get each reference – I revisit each reference on a daily basis.

– I wish I could still call a BBS

– I watch home videos all the time.