birch tree love.

one of our latest art projects at school – well, 12 of them at least (I wonder where the others are?). we were talking about foreground, middle ground and background, and how to represent them on paper. these trees were soooo easy to make, but they look so rad.

We started by doing a cool colour wash with watered down tempera for the sky. Then, we painted a horizon line and painted in the snow white. We drew lines of a variety of thickness coming out of the horizon line. Using a light blue pencil crayon/ twistable/ crayon we lightly traced the outline of the tree. The right side is shaded blue. Using a skinny brush and black acrylic, we painted the “shadow” on the left side of the tree. Ta-da! We took about 5-10 minutes over 3 periods of art to complete the project.

Next – artist studies!