puppet making 1-2-3

I have been meaning to make a puppet, and so I did some research online – finding a couple of good tutorials and scrounged the house for supplies. You should totally make one. Instant friend! Follow my simple (?) tutorial below….

1. First, find some good fabric (old t-shirts work fine!). Fold in half (inside out!) Draw the basic shape of a puppet with a sharpie…. I probably should have ironed first.

2. Sew along the sharpie line.

3. After sewing, cut about 1/2 inch away from the sewed part. (don’t follow the black sharpie, because the sew line might not have matched exactly – speaking from experience here….)

4. Turn the puppet inside out (or outside in). Use a pencil to poke the arms out.

5. Stuff the arms with fuzzy stuff. Again, a pencil helps.

6. Find a good spot for a mouth. Cut a straight line in the face area.

7. Cut an oval shaped piece of cardstock (from a cracker box is good). Glue some black construction paper on top (same shape). Fold the oval in half. Insert the cardstock into the mouth hole.

8. Glue gun the card stock into the mouth hole. Pull the fabric along the card stock to create a lip.

9. Cut a heart shaped piece of red craft foam. Add a sharpie line to make it look like a tongue. Glue gun it in the mouth and pose for a silly photo.

10. Stuff the head with more of that fuzzy white stuff.

11. Cut a soft styrofoam ball in half – do this carefully, or it will end up like mine. Gun gun to the puppet’s head. Cut little black circles. I used stickers. You could use the little black things you put on the bottom of furniture to protect the floors. Or even a sharpie. The nose is also one half of a styrofoam ball. I covered it with the same t-shirt fabric as the rest of the puppet with a glue gun. Glue gun the nose on the puppet (between the eyes!).

12. Add hair (some faux fur perhaps?) I have to get to the craft store.

13. Another thing you might want to do is wrap some wire around the arms so they don’t just hang there limp.  With the wire, you can “control” the arms a bit.

I’d love to make these with my students, but I think I’ll skip the sewing machine and use socks!

I think it looks a bit like Grover. Just a bit. Leave a comment – make your own! Post pictures.