a little bit of inspiration.

Although I am not actually part of the giant mash-up blog it forward party going around blogging world, I have unofficially announced that I will be 3.20.

1) typography & fonts –

(fonts from myfonts. sadly, i can’t afford to buy these rad fonts, so i get my fix at dafont)

2) old family photos and videos –

3) bookstores & libraries & shelves of books –

(via catamo via bookshelf)

(via chotda)

(via curdsnwhey)

4) dreamy photos

(via dear lizzy)

(via au t umn)

(via Quintana Photography)

5) my students – If you just look at them, you’ll know.

(sadly 3 of the girls are no longer in my room…..)

6) our front door (and other colourfully interesting doors)

(via jamesacampbell)

7) food – homemade by Rob or dad. or in a yummy resto. or a bakery. or a market.

8 ) shoes – i don’t actually buy many shoes and i wouldn’t say i have a shoe fetish… but I found that many of my iphoto/flickr favourites and book covers feature cute footwear.

(via maritaxo)

other things that inspire me:

| my darling husband | colour | school supplies | mirrors | sunsets | forests | kitty cats | nail polish | autumn | other people’s journals | music | weddings | artistic indy movies | travel | pretty food packaging | maps | magazines

the next question is…. what shall I do with all of this inspiration?

(getting off my bum would be the first start!)