Un poème pour maman.

I am from laundry chutes,

from Cheese Whiz and Racko games

I am from the personalized spoons, porcelain dolls

and decorative plates

lining the dining room walls.

I am from the avocado plants, impatiens

and the cedar hedges

(that were prickly and scary)

I am from fondue on Christmas eve

and sneaking brown sugar in the blue plastic cup

from Leslie Gore and Bette Midler

and shopping in Novi for clothes.

I am from Family Jeopardy, Jelly Belly

and the Wangdoodles

From gushers in your stocking,

chocolate chip cookies in the microwave,

winning contests and bike rides at Eastlake.

I am from the worriers (“I don’t want to find you dead on the side of the road somewhere”)

and chinese food in the tv room.

From Erica Kane and Jackson Montgomery.

I am from lobsterfests and Sunday school,

from Phar-Mor, Albertson’s and Paperback Palace

I’m from Kingsville, spaghetti with cheese and diet coke

From the bowling league champion and the dentist.

I am from home videos that I will cherish forever,

memories that will last a lifetime.

Bubbles, Cata, Buzz, Norbert

I love you Mommy!


(poem based on Where I’m From by George Ella Lyon)