1) become a guerilla artist

To affect the quality of the day – that is the highest of arts.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Technically, by leaving mini chickens with my bill at restaurants already makes me a pseud0-guerilla artist, but I want to do more. I found this supercute “guerilla-type” art and decided that would be my first project. I gathered some inspirational words and wrote them on some coloured card stock.

Equipped with my masking tape, I set off to leave messages on ATMs. After being out, I realized that lots of people use ATMs during the day and the bank tellers watch – I’d have to be much sneakier – so, instead, I just left messages in assorted places around Stratford.

In a used book store, at a cafe, on a bathroom mirror, in an eco-store (p’lovers), at avon theatre… I don’t know what will become of them. Hopefully the custodians won’t just take them down (like they took down my youarebeautiful stickers from Althouse), and they go to people who need to smile.

I have a lot more notes to go – but I’ll save some for other locations…..

This is not the end of the guerilla artist, but i will find a new project.