the genetics.

A baby gets 23 chromosomes from his mama and 23 from his daddio. With all the possible gene combinations, one pair of parents has the potential to produce 64 trillion different children. So, it is pretty impossible to predict what baby Wright will look like.
In grade 11, when we first learned about genetics – we created Punnett squares and family pedigrees- If a trait was dominant, it would always rule out over Recessive. . . but we are more complicated than our friend the drosophila or Mendel’s peas. I won’t proclaim to be a genetics expert, although my honours degree is in Molecular Biology and Genetics from UoG, I do know that most human traits are polygenic and they are far more complicated than complete dominance.
However, based on the following traits, I predict that baby will:
Have light (blue/hazel) eyes. (both)
Have straight blond/reddish hair. (both)
Have a round face with freckles (Lindsay) but without dimples (both).
Have attached earlobes (both), thin lips (both) and long eyelashes (both).
Can roll his/her tongue (Lindsay) and does not have a hitchhiker’s thumb (Lindsay).
Interestingly enough, both Rob and I are very recessive people – and we could very well have a brown haired, brown eyed kid with unattached earlobes. The traits that say (Lindsay) are dominant.

Having a creative bent and perfect pitch are also considered genetic traits (and the ability to strengthen them are based on environmental exposure.) I think we’ll be just fine in that category.

Genetics aside- these online morphs are definitely the most accurate. ha ha ha.