new years resolute.

1.1.11… welcome aboard!

Last year… i compiled a list things that I want to do more of, or be better at in life. It is posted in my closet and here and then here. They will continue to be words of wisdom.

the cover of my new agenda.

I was browsing some blogs and came across Erin and Bri‘s non-goals for 2011. Instead of dwelling on resolutions and ways to improve, they focused more on things that they were already doing well and right – and will strive to continue doing them.

Lindsay, you worked really hard this year at your job. Like really hard – and perhaps a little bit anal about it. Never stop being passionate about teaching. Although you’ll be taking a break from teaching 9 year olds in a classroom, your talents will come in handy with a new little life very soon. Don’t regret loving your job.

Lindsay, you rocked at saving money this year. You and Rob will be just fine for the upcoming financial changes they call maternity leave. Keep saving and saving and things will certainly pay off.

Lindsay, you’ve read a tonne of books this year. You have been loving it. Get lost in a book.

Lindsay, you’ve really made your house a dream spot to be. You come up with neat ideas and colour schemes. You get inspiration from different places and actually put them into place. With the help of Rob, continue to make your house your home.

Lindsay, you know how you wanted to limit your Internet time? Don’t stress too much about it. You’ve been trying really hard to turn off the screen when other people are around. Way to go! However… the endless websites you discover inspire you in many different ways. They improve your teaching, find inspiration for your home and artwork, let you communicate daily with family and friends and even make you a little bit of extra cash. Don’t feel bad about exploring and sharing.

Lindsay, you’ve been doing a great job of  being a good and generous friend. You often email, comment, make things for, make cards and send secrets in the mail to people, just to show that you care. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if you continued to do that. Don’t stop.

Lindsay, you’ve become the master of list-making. And although you get made fun of by your husband for them, he secretly appreciates the lists. Big time. Let’s keep making lots of lists, k?

time to start. let’s go twentyeleven!