the year of the rabbit.

February 3rd marks the first day of the year of the rabbit – 2011 – in the Chinese zodiac – and also the year our brand new bébé will be born! Rob is also born in the year of the rabbit. I have a feeling this baby will be just like my darling hubby.

The rabbit symbolizes sensitivity, compassion and creativity. These people are often friendly, outgoing and enjoy the company of other people. They prefer to avoid conflict and tend to shy away from aggressive and competitive situations. They believe strongly in friends and family and a lack of these relationships can lead to emotional problems.

Rabbits tend to have a serene nature and do not get visibly upset. Due to this trait, others sometimes take advantage of these individuals. They don’t like to take risks. As well, rabbits are determined, honourable, sophisticated and well-mannered. They are most comfortable entertaining at home. They need to work on is building self-worth and self-confidence to feel more secure.

Unfortunately, the zodiac sign that my hubby and baby are least compatible with is the Rooster. That’s me! uh-oh!

(photo curtesy of bluebison)