love with dirt on it. being a boy mom.

I teach boys. Littles boys are insane! I often shake my head because I have no idea what they are thinking or what they are doing or why they can’t just sit still and listen and stop hitting each other.

What will I do with a little BOY when my sweet baby gets big?

Jill over at Babyrabies has some insight (and I am sure many of my boy mom friends do too… since most of the moms I know have boys!)

You’re going to be a Boy Mom, and you’re going to be okay. In fact, you’re going to be great. You’ll love it so much that you’ll never be able to imagine NOT being a Boy Mom. You’ll develop a love for “little man” clothes, toy trucks and OshKosh overalls paired with a toothy grin and muddy knees.

Being a Boy Mom means slobbery kisses and hugs that start with a running leap.

Being a Boy Mom means saving hundreds of dollars on clothes, even if only to spend that amount or more later in life on band-aids, broken windows and car insurance.

Being a Boy Mom means developing a keen eye for bugs and coming to terms with the fact that sometimes they can just be considered an extra helping of protein.

Being a Boy Mom doesn’t mean you won’t continue to be squeemish about things like spiders, it just means your squeels will be entertaining to the boy who taunts you by trying to eat one.

Being a Boy Mom means being the builder of block towers so big they lean and topple, leaving you both in stitches.

Being a Boy Mom means developing a very watchful eye while changing diapers, always on the lookout for that surprise pee stream attack.

Being a Boy Mom means you’ve been given the tremendous opportunity and challenge to raise someone who will grow up to be a respectful, loving and kind man. He may break hearts, but hopefully, with your guidance, he will do so gently, and ultimately he will make some lucky partner very, very happy.

xoxo Elijah.