reasons why i love my hubby.

Rob is my hubby. I love him.

Experiencing become parents together has brought my love for him to a whole new level ( apologies for the goopedy goop). Here are some new reasons why I love Rob.

massaging my back during icky contractions until knuckles were bloody (for real!)

– telling me that I am beautiful (even with my ratty hair, giant underpants, nursing gown, bags under eyes and puffy feet)

Singing stripper musak while changing Elijah

– Being extra cautious about everything and loving with all of his heart

– Getting up in the night to do everything – letting me sleep

– Taking tonnes of photos of Elijah – and wanting to be in many of them

Calling me at home regularly during the day while he is at work

– Coming home earlier from work just to be with his new family.

– Being the best baby daddy one could ask for (besides you Daddio. hehe)