Things I’ve learned this week.


i am constantly leaking. those disposable breast pads they sell are useless. i suggest stuffing a towel in there, or finding a crafty grandma to make you some washable ones (thanks g-ma!)

showers are a wondrous thing.

my baby won’t fuss much when i change his diaper if he has already been in the nude for a bit.

baby boy parts aren’t so scary anymore.

sleep is the most beautiful thing in the world.

i can totally rock PJ pants on a daily basis.

i enjoy doing laundry and entering online contests. i am my mother.

cloth diapers are magic.

baked goods from visitors are the best part.

taking hundreds of photos of a newborn is never a mistake.

when in doubt, sing and dance.

breastfed baby poo smells like soggy cereal.

{am wondering how this blog will ever go back to normal. for now, please excuse my baby brain.}