two months.

You are two months old. Woah. We have started counting your age in months.

weight. 11 lbs 12 oz. you are wearing 3-6 month old clothes.

height. 60 cm. apparently you are tall.

eyes. still blue – getting more curious and focused.

hair. has a red tinge to it – but you are still pretty bald.

feeding. still lots. you could probably eat all day.

sleeping . somewhat. you really don’t like to nap for very long…

pooping. lots. but your cloth diapers are so cute.

things you love. kisses, taking a bath, eating, reading with daddy, ceiling fans, tummy time, taking walks in a carrier, bouncing, being swaddled at night

things you don’t love. being gassy, getting into the car seat, sitting still for too long, hiccups

other awesome things you do. smile, giggle, sigh, use your voice in other ways than crying, play with your hands, lift your head pretty high (it’s not so wobbly anymore either), follow people and things with your eyes, starting to hold on to  shoulders when being held, get your arms out of the swaddle in 2 seconds flat.

xo Elijah.

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