the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

I love fonts.typefaces.letters. love, love them. They are so visually pleasing and make documents and posters so much more awesome. I love how certain fonts make a statement, put a smile on my face and make me think why more people don’t use them. I can’t exactly explain it. I just love staring at certain fonts. Other people like staring at the stars or the television, I love staring at pretty words. Call me crazy…

{There is, of course, some type that I really dislike – and it really nerves me when they are overused and out of place. It hurts my eyes. It drives me insane.}

These are some of my new favourites…

Here are some rad links related to my typeface obsession.

1) make your own font (uses your handwriting to make a custom font for free!) –

2) i’d love to get my hands on a copy hyper activity typography! best book title ever.

3) type-stache poster – a selection of moustaches.

4) show your knowledge of fonts in a game of typewar!

5) my pinboard of text/print at pinterest

6) a bookmarklet to tell you which fonts websites use – awesome.

6) this site is so great. it truly needs a blog post of it’s own. I loathe comic sans.