3 months old.

weight. 13 lbs. (a different scale this month).

height. approx 62 cm (his legs weren’t completely straight)

eyes. still blue – just like daddio.

hair. has a red tinge to it – but you are still pretty bald.

feeding. another growth spurt. yahoo!

sleeping . you sleep with both arms above your head and snore.

pooping. did i mention that your diapers are adorable?

things you love. eating, when dad laughs, the bath, the ring sling, being on your tummy, kisses, sitting on mom’s knee facing out, those annoying toys on your bouncy chair, rolling back and forth with help, attention.

things you don’t love. being gassy, getting into the car seat, sitting still for too long, hiccups [still the same, you are so predictable!]

other [new] awesome things you do. coo, squeal, stick your whole fist in your mouth, lift your head and shoulders into a mini push-up, bear weight on your legs

xo Elijah.

You are one fine piece of baby boy.

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