dreamy boys room.

As you know, I have a pinterest obsession. One of my favourite things to look up are kid bedroom ideas. Here are some of my most favourite that I hope to incorporate into Eli’s room once he gets bigger (yes, I am really jumping the gun here).

I love everything about this wall. The blackboard paint, the giant roll of paper and the pencil crayons. le sigh. Unfortunately I can’t find the source and neither can Tin Eye.

This crafty maman created a superhero room for her son. I really love this “batman light” mural.
(via i am momma, hear me roar)

I really really want to do a bunk-bed build in so bad. I also love the climbing wall.
(Perianth via Ohdeedoh)

Would you like a Lego wall? Yes please. Although I am thinking grey, not green. (it’s not my green) And probably not up to the ceiling (we can’t reach!)
(via hgtv)

I’ve made a collage montage of these and many more super rad ideas and printed them out. It is currently tacked on the wall of the bedroom-to-be. My next plan is to make a mini model – a diorama of sorts- of what the room will look like. Nerdy? perhaps. But I am so inspired right now.

{I know i keep harping on joining pinterest. but seriously. ask me for an invite and you can start pinning today!}