I have what they call an overactive (or fast or forceful) let-down [and oversupply!].

Awesome things about this:

– Eli feeds relatively quickly. This is especially nice during his dream feed. Quickly back to sleep.
– It only takes me about 10 minutes to pump about 6 oz of milk. Perfect for when he has sleepovers with Cata & Gramps2.
– My let-down doesn’t hurt, Eli isn’t fussy and he doesn’t refuse to nurse (like some of the symptoms say…)
– I can feed my baby without supplementing. It is so amazing that he’s growing because of something that my body produces.

Annoying (embarrassing?) things about this:

– I stuff my shirt with anything and everything to avoid leakage [breast pads, cloth diapers, towels, underpants]
– I have to remember to bring extra shirts for ME (not just Eli) in the diaper bag – just in case. If I am going out somewhere for the afternoon, I wait until the very last moment to put on my “good” shirt before I leave.
– If I am the slightest bit engorged, Eli gets a constant shower all over his face. Poor baby doesn’t know whether to gulp as fast as possible or just get wet. During dream feeds I have to put my hand in front of his face to see if it is spraying, because I can’t feel it.
– We had to deal with a LOT of barf in the early weeks before Eli figured out the flow. He wouldn’t just “spit up”, he’d barf out of the mouth and nose after almost every feeding. He was still gaining weight fine, peeing/pooing normally and didn’t seem to upset about it – both my  doctor and LLL leader said it wasn’t anything to be concerned about. Just extra laundry for me.
– I always need a towel with me while feeding. Once the flow starts, it doesn’t seem to stop. I am so embarrassed that I got a pillow soaked with milk at an early LLL meeting. Sorry Erin – I owe you a pillow! I also can’t use nursing bras the way they are supposed to be used – they get soaked underneath too fast – I have to lift it all up.

(milk drunk!)

These are annoyances, but I consider them worth it. I love nursing my baby.

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