4 months.

weight. 6.62kg (14 lbs/9 oz- 1oz short of doubling his birth weight!)

height. 70cm (again, apparently you are tall)

eyes. big, blue and sparkly.

hair. has a red tinge to it – but you are still pretty bald.

feeding. like a champ!

sleeping . still snoring. you’ve started taking longer naps!

pooping. one day a week – yay!

things you love. being vertical and “standing”, eating, the bath with dad, the ring sling, being on your tummy, kisses, touching your toes to your nose, Benny the beaver, funny faces, 6am.

things you don’t love. being held horizontally (unless being fed), being hungry? You are a really happy baby.

other [new] awesome things you do. talk, talk, talk! roll from front to back, laugh out loud, you are starting to enjoy your car seat, get giddy right before you latch

xo Elijah.