Daddy & Eli

I admit, I am lucky, I get the closeness of nourishing my babe. But Rob knows how important breastfeeding is for us and has no problem finding other ways to bond with Elijah.

This was actually the topic of our last La Leche League meeting – A common question that some of us (may) have heard is “If you are breastfeeding how will babe bond with their father?” So much importance is put into how strong of a bond breastfeeding creates between mother and babe that it may be hard not to question if this affects the bond with their father. In light of this, and with Father’s Day fast approaching, we will Celebrate the Art of Fathering**. I am bad at answering things on the spot at those meetings, or maybe it is because I am bad at articulating myself verbally. I am a bit better at writing it out.

Ways Rob bonds with Eli (and more reasons why I love him)

– He bathes him. I have not once given Eli a bath. They get in the bath together and have a great time – probably one of Elijah’s favourite times of the day is when he has bath time with daddy-o.

– He takes him to bed with him and reads to him. Every.single.night. Sometimes I go too, but other times I take advantage of the “me-time”

– He wears him – He doesn’t mind the damask (floral!) ring sling, the Freehand carrier or the moby. He loves them all

– He takes him to listen to the bagpipers practice

– He did all of the diaper changing the first few weeks and made it into a big affair. Although I do the bulk of diaper changes lately, I think Eli likes it best when dad does it

– They tell each other stories (in both French and English)

– He has epic plans for the future: teaching him to cook, camp, snowboard, skateboard, love nature, swim, cycle…

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**Taken from LLLC meeting page. Thanks Chris.