I’m 30.

Today I am 30. Three decades. I remember when I turned 10, and my grandma made a big deal about me being one decade. Now I am three. Last year, on my 29th birthday, I posted a list of 29 things to do  before I turn 30. I am sure you are dying to know how I did! (the ones in red I didn’t do…)

1. become a guerilla artist I’ve left inspiring notes all over Ontario, I’ve mailed secret gifts to people in the mail, I’ve left notes in my library books, I’ve made flyers…. I will continue this.

2. visit the library more oftenI haven’t bought a book in FOREVER. The library is my new best friend. I went to chapters last month twice and didn’t buy ANYTHING. Who have I become?

3. join a book-clubYay! We meet once a month on Tuesday. Reading new books and meeting new people is cool – although I am still pretty shy.

4. host a murder mystery party. Hmm.. I bought a game. That is as far as I got. This is still something I plan to do. I have so many neat ideas in my head. We did host a pretty rad New Years Party though. Does that count?

5. start some traditionsI’ve been taking weekly and monthly photos of Elijah. I am really excited to start some family traditions in this first year of him. I’ll keep you posted on more.

6. visit my familyThis has been happening quite a bit- and even more now that my sister has moved and our baby has arrived.

7. make a list of people we give gifts to at christmas. divide them for each month – gather gifts. I didn’t do this for Christmas 2010 – I started a jar called “Christmas fund” and an inspiration book with ideas for homemade Christmas gifts! For Christmas 2011, I’ve started gathering gifts as I see them (or create them!)

8. bake more peanut butter cookies not specifically PB cookies, but I have baked some scones and fruit crisp and chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal squares and cupcakes…

9. make fun things like dioramas and artist notebooks Art journals, moleskine exchanges, altered books, mail art, MJ game, photos, baby book, inspiration binders, student art projects, christmas decorations, baby announcements, wedding maps, seating charts, buttons, a little bit of sewing

10. make another blurb book – hurray! Happy birthday Andrea! I also made a shutterfly mini book.

11. do wii fit regularly – I didn’t. I will blame it on being pregnant and having a newborn. I will get my groove back!

12. write letters to peopleI didn’t hand write a lot of letters this year, but I sent a lot of notes, thank you cards and emails. I’ve also been a really good commenter on blogs.

13. decorate my walls (perhaps another mural?) – We are continuing to do this. So far I’ve added a bunch of picture frames. I am still trying to visualize two walls.

14. go outsideI wasn’t the greatest of this. Last summer I was newly preggo and so exhausted that I slept away my summer. We also had a long cold winter (and I don’t like long cold winters).  Lately though, we’ve been going for a lot of family walks and enjoying the sunset outside on the balcony. Soccer and tennis have also started up again, and we’ve been doing some gardening. I hope to spend a lot of time outside this summer.

15. eat lots of fresh food We’ve been doing the best we can. I’m pretty proud of myself for my new meal planning and cooking. Me cooking? Yes. Me.

16. buy a patio set So so close for doing this. Can’t decide.

17. plan an amazing math program – I think I am doing a pretty rad job this year! However… I finished work in February for my new teaching position – mom. I’ll be back next year with my awesome math.

18. throw a backyard party We’re planning one.  I’m blaming the pregnancy/newborn/weather again. This will happen this summer. Hopefully a few times.

19. explore Bruce County I’m blaming the pregnancy/newborn/weather again. These are however, our summer plans. For real. The Explore the Bruce Passport has gone coordinates this year! How cool. I’d also love to do some local geocaching.

20. collect some pretty outside blankets No. I really want to.

21. make more puppets – Good intentions….

22. get some new favourite sensible shoesI’ve decided to wait until I go back to work for new shoes.

23. become a better blogger & photographer – i think i’m doing a-ok!

24. love with all of my heartI’m always trying! I’ve found new and unusual feelings of love our sweet sweet Eli.

25. renew my passportThe forms are filled out and in the mail for the whole family.

26. discover new favourite bands and musicians – ongoing

27. make my home pretty – a continuous project. (see wall decorating) – We’ve also picked out a couch! (I think…)

28. be a good and generous friend. I don’t know of what this is exactly, but I try.

29. PAINT. I haven’t painted a lot this year. I miss it. I have, however, drawn a lot. Lots of type and lots of pencil drawings. I’ve been working on my value scale. Mr Gombai would be proud. My goal is to get back into painting.

Hey! I think I did pretty well. It wasn’t an epic fail. Having a newborn put the rest of my list on temporary hold, but now Elijah is 4 months old and things have become much more routine. Yay me. How did you do?

[Happy Birthday to me]