Spandex are not just for 1989.

A couple of years ago, my dad found a new passion – cycling. He trains as often as he can (outside when the weather is nice, inside on his trainer when it’s not). He participated in a couple of races/tours and has acquired a deep passion for spandex. He (Cycle Tooth) is going to ride in the Centurion 100-mile cycle tour in Collingwood again this September and it peaked Rob’s interest back in May. Rob decided that he would do the 25 mile course in the same tour.

Well… fast forward to July. Since then Rob has gone out cycling a number of times (for a number of hours). He’d come home from school and go for an hour ride. Then a 2 hour ride. Then 3. Then 6. My dad hooked him up with his “old” bike and some spandex, and Rob hasn’t looked back.

Last weekend the two of them rode in the Bike the River Valley 100-mile (~160km) tour along the Hudson River in New York State. They completed 160 km (with an extra 22 km because they got lost) in 94F (34C) heat. yeeeeoow!

Here are two of my favourite men (minus my dear son, of course) in their Gittr Dun t-shirts that I made for their trip with my mad cutting skills (craft tutorial to come soon!). They are posing with their Magic Hat beers (a tour that rounded out their man trip)

Next up? They are both (along with my crazy Iron Man Uncle Doug) are going to ride in the Hotter’n Hell Hundred-mile race in Texas at the end of August. This course, although very flat, has the challenge of tens of thousands of riders at the starting line in really hot hot Texas heat.

The three of them are also doing the 100-mile Centurion ride in Collingwood in September. (no more 25mi. for Rob!)