Do you want to buy some beans?

Like in many areas of my life (classroom set-up, home decor) I like to draw sketches or make models of my vision before I create them. Things are no different with my new scene hobby. I spent the better part of an hour yesterday sketching ideas for possible scenes. I sketched 9 and have more twirling in my head.

Before I went to sleep last night I created this Jack and the Beanstalk scene, so I’d have it all ready for Eli in the early morning (his favourite time of day). When Rob came to bed he told me I was obsessed with making scenes, but asked if he was allowed to be in one. So, Giant Daddy is climbing down the beanstalk to catch little Jack (who was mesmerized by his aluminum foil hatchet- oooh shiny!)

In reflection, I might have swapped the two background hills so that the beanstalk would “pop” a bit more… I would have also put the clouds a bit lower and hidden the tag on the stalk, but hey – pretty good for doing it in the moonlight.

[Hurray for Becky and Brandi who made a scene yesterday. The inspiration is growing like wild fire – yay! Aly, you must be so proud.]

*Other scenes so far: Superman, Rub a Dub Dub