What would Erica Kane do?

I am almost embarrassed to post this….. but I will anyways.

Okay. so…. I love All My Children. I know it is a soap opera.  I know it is crap. I know it is farfetched. I know that it has terrible acting and recycled plots. I know. But it has a soft spot in my heart.

My mom and dad watched All My Children for as long as I can remember. I am pretty sure they scheduled their lunch break from 1-2 pm so that they could watch it. My dad would come home at about 12:50, turn on ABC and lay down on the couch with a towel over his face (?). He said he was napping, but I know he was listening. He would come home for dinner every night and ask the same thing… “What happened on the kiddies after I left?” It was always some epic saga with those dreadful Kane women and Brookie-Pooh and TadPole and Lesbianca and Glo-worm and Billy Clyde Tuggle and EmilyAnn and Janet from another Planet.

I watched it with my parents all summer long for all of the summers that I lived at home. My sister and I named our Barbie and Ken dolls Erica Kane, Jackson Montgomery and Dimitri Marick. I taped it when I was in University when I was homesick. I have all mp3s of all of the different theme song versions. I also have a copy of the Complete Family Scrapbook on my bookshelf, an AMC board game and trading cards.

I hadn’t watched All My Children in years, but when they announced that it was being cancelled (last episode airing in September), I got a bit nostalgic. I promptly set up my TiVo to tape the final episodes. I also started following the #allmychildren hashtag on Twitter. They are pulling out some crazy storylines for the last episodes. The best is that my favourite character – evil Dr. David Hayward – has been secretly doing human testing for all of the years that he’s been in Pine Valley and all of the “dead” people aren’t really dead at all and are all coming back to town! [looking forward to see how they explain Gillian coming back. She was shot in the head and then her heart was donated to Laura….. but….. David performed the surgery, so…..hmmm]

I will miss you amc. xoxo.