Elijah loves to swim.

He’s always loved bathtime (with dad) and splashes and giggles about, but his first real swim was at my parents pool about a month ago. We swam with Cata almost every day we were visiting and he didn’t fuss once. I even dunked him under a couple of times. He was a little stunned, but then started laughing. After the swim he gets all snuggly in his towel, nurses and passes out. Ah, the life.

Rob has also taken him swimming in the lake a couple of times, equipped with his sunhat and shades. He likes the waves, splashing about and bobbing up and down. (Dad also has a Grover voice – that makes everything more fun)

Yesterday we spent the day at Aly/Ryan/Laia’s house who have a great big salt water blow-up pool. Aly took some underwater video of Eli and saved some cool still shots. She taught me to start him on his belly, count to 3, dunk his head first and then pull him towards me completely underwater (to avoid water up his nose). The coolest thing about babies in the water (besides the giggles, of course) is that they know how to hold their breath and are not afraid to open their eyes under the water. How cool is that? We can’t wait to go back!

Next *new pool adventure? Texas at the end of the month. We can’t wait!

ps. I’ve got a couple of cloth swim diapers – a monkeydoodlez, a swimmi and an applecheeks. Love them all :)