We’re off to see the Wizard…

… The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Here is scene-making at a new level. Originally inspired by Adele (and then Aly!), I started making baby scenes- here and here and here and here and here. (and I’m happy to say my scenes jump-started the creativity of other moms!) The sisters Elliott decided that we should do a combined baby scene – and of course we jumped at the chance! We lugged all of our stuff over to Aly’s and set up scene. (We actually did two scenes.. I’ll post the other one a bit later. Suspense is wonderful, isn’t it?)

This was so much fun – and quite hilarious- to put together. We had the scene set in place, but then three of the babies fell asleep. We had some delicious lunch and the babies chatted on the lawn. The babies got hungry (surprise surprise) and then we finally got back to the scene. Well, of course the fourth baby (mine) decided that he was tired and passed out on the floor! He slept through almost the entire WofOz photo shoot. (even when wee Lannaia started pulling off his Tin Man costume – mesmerized by the shiny foil.) – but I think he looks adorable anyways.

ps. Doesn’t Becky’s “surrender Dorothy” look amazing? And she makes a mean chocolate chip cookie.

pps. Check back later for our other collaborative scene.