Freezer Paper Stencil Printing.

For a long time I’ve been wanting a silk screen machine and have been book-marking diy screen machines online. Finally, I came across the cheapest, easiest (and possibly coolest?) way to create silk screen-like prints – using Freezer Paper!

And as promised, I have created you a tutorial [with photos!].

– Some freezer paper . It is like parchment paper, except one side is shiny.
– An exacto knife (or scissors if you are really good)
– some sort of material to print on [In this tutorial I am using a kids tote bag]
– an  iron
– any colour of fabric paint (I am using Tulip fabric paint from my dear cousin Leah.)
– a paint brush

1) Draw your design on to the dull (not shiny) side of the freezer paper. (I designed the “gittr dun” and “bacon is a vegetable” shirts on my computer first)

2) Cut out your design with an exacto knife. (make sure you put a cutting board under!)

3) Stick an extra piece of freezer paper inside your bag/shirt to avoid leaks. Place the freezer paper design (shiny side down!) on your fabric.

4) Iron the freezer paper onto the fabric. (Just use the iron setting that is best for the fabric you are using). The freezer paper will stick to the fabric pretty quickly.

5) Squirt the fabric paint onto the spaces you want painted. Paint with your paint brush.

6) Unless you want a distressed look, paint a couple of coats. For this bag, I did 3 coats.

7) LET dry (forget about it!). Don’t be tempted to pick at it like freshly painted nails. Be patient. (and if you get really impatient, take a blow dryer to it.) Once dry, carefully peel off the Freezer Paper (use tweezers or your exacto to help peel off the small bits)

8) Enjoy! How easy was that? If you use this tutorial – send me a photo of your project!

**Because Rob is getting a new bike, I decided to splurge (with a coupon code) on a Silhouette paper cutter that is compatible with freezer paper. I will be able to make more intricate prints without giving my hands callouses from the exacto knife. (It also cuts wall decal vinyl! I’m pumped!)