6 months.

weight. I think you are around 17-18 lbs

height. many of your 6 months pjs are too short.

eyes. big, blue and sparkly. you rub them when you are sleepy.

hair. you have a little bit more hair after every nap.

feeding. yum yum yum. quick and efficient. we’ll probably let you taste some avocado/squash/banana/sweet taters soon

sleeping . still taking those regular 3 daily naps. yahoo! You have been going to sleep at about 8-830 pm now!

pooping. the occasional. i love that g-ma cata keeps winning diapers for your cute bum.

things you love. music, grabbing things, morning walks with dad, bouncing, swimming, chewing things, playing with your feet, mom’s singing, chewing Sophie, laughing and laughing and laughing.

things you don’t love. Not too much. You’re pretty chill.

other [new] awesome things you do. pulling things towards you (think plates on the table and dad’s jugular), push up onto your hands and feet, scoot backwards on the floor, almost sitting up, reaching out to touch my face

xo Elijah.

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