Crafty surprises.

Before we left for Texas, my newest of dear friends made Elijah (well, really me) a package. She had planned to secretly drop it off on my doorstep (I have always secretly wished for someone to do that for me.), but I ran into them uptown after checking out the newest thrift shop in town (dang!)


The outside of the box was wrapped with a map.

And the inside of the box had some super rad homemade goodness. (Inspired by Pinterest. A girl after my own heart.) She made Eli three (3) soothers with little felt moustaches on them. She also made a felted star sheriff’s belt and loaned Eli her daughter’s rodeo PJs for our trip to the Southern US of A.

I think, though, the best part of the whole package was the homemade personalized card that she included. I love long messages in cards. Love them. If you write me a long message in a card, I’ll probably keep it for a very long time. xo.

You’ll be happy to know that Eli has adopted the look of all three moustaches and has worn his belt proudly a number of times. He showed up to my aunt and uncle’s house all disguised. He wore a ‘stache cruising in  his carseat. He wore a ‘stache to Target. He wore a ‘stache to the Stockyards. He was asked a number questions and compliments about it – even from one of the real cowboys.

(did I mention that Texas was hot? Which is why I still have to get a photo of Eli in the long-sleeved PJs. Think of the heat that you get standing in front of the end of a bus, but the bus just never goes away. That is how hot Texas is – minus the smell.)

THANK YOU ALY! What a thoughtful (and super fun!) gift. xo.