Avocado: Eli’s first food

Besides pool water and my salty pretzel fingers, Eli had his first taste of solid food today.

We decided to skip the baby cereal because we just couldn’t find any benefits to it as a first food. We didn’t want to give Elijah something that we wouldn’t eat ourselves and our purpose for starting solids isn’t for nourishment – but rather exploration of texture. We’ll save oatmeal for later.

I’ve been researching (are you surprised?) and reading about solid foods and talking to other mamans, and decided to go the baby-led weaning approach to feeding (but we might occasionally make some purees because there are some really yummy sounding recipes – and who doesn’t love apple sauce? yums.) Anyways – BLW is essentially having the baby feed themselves, instead of you feeding them (and to quote Jen, “Isn’t that just called eating?”) They’ll eat however much they want (sounds a bit like breastfeeding, doesn’t it?)

I gave Rob the job to pick Eli’s first food. He chose avocado, both because it is nutritious and full of good fats, and because we love eating avocado ourselves. So, after a first nap and feeding, Rob made us a late breakfast, and we sliced up some avocado for Eli to try. I covered the chair and floor with garbage bags.

At first, he didn’t even notice the food on his tray, so I placed a (slippery!) slice in his hand and he started squeezing it and then finally gumming it. He then started picking it up himself. A lot of it ended on his face and hands and chest, but he did manage to swallow some (evidence to come later). We had a wee bit of gagging (but apparently that is just how baby’s move the food around in their mouths – and not to be a cause of alarm), but he seemed to chew (aka. mush) the avocado pretty well.

He seemed to really enjoy himself. He was squealing and flailing his arms a lot. I put a bit of mushy avocado on a spoon and gave him the spoon to explore. He put it in his mouth a couple of times. Near the end, Rob mushed up the chunks he didn’t eat and let him “finger paint” with the avocado.

I am excited to try again tomorrow.