sweet potatoes for my sweet potato.

Since the avocado post, Eli has also tried bananas, and avocado’s mixed with nanners (surprisingly yummy!). He has loved all three. For both avocado and banana I gave him chunks to explore, but I also smooshed some up and put it on a spoon for him. He tries to feed himself – but the spoon just ends up on the floor, so sometimes I hold the spoon for himand he grabs  it and brings it towards his mouth. nom nom nom. Once he finishes swallowing, he opens his mouth and almost “pants” for more. It is hilariously adorable.

So yesterday I baked a sweet potato (my favourite!) for him and scooped out the guts into those little baby cubes.  One potato gave me about 200+ml 0f goodness. I stuck some in the freezer and got Eli ready for a snack. He was so excited to taste it…. but….  He vomited a wee bit and kept spitting it out. He’d hold it in his mouth and ask me (with his face) – what the heck is this, maman?? He made funny faces and stuck out his tongue.   What??

Many of the books and websites that I have read about feeding baby says to try again, even if your babe doesn’t seem to enjoy it. So, today he tried it again. Look at how excited he is to eat! (yes that is a napkin tucked in his shirt.  I was too lazy to get a bib.)

And then I got this face.

And this one.

And this one.

He swallowed a bit more and eventually “got used” to the flavour and texture, but I don’t think he loves it as much as he loves avocado and banana. Today’s adventures with sweet potato were a little more positive than yesterday. We’ll try again tomorrow (and mix in a bit of breastmilk perhaps?) – and then on to pears!

ps. I just got a message from a friend with “information” about sweet potato boogers and poop. Isn’t mommyhood grand?