the statii of bookface.

I love facebook. Many people hate it. But I love it. One of my favourite things about it are status updates. I am “like button” happy. Here are some of my favourites of the past 48 hours.
Mark K: i think i’d make one KICK-ASS Miss Oktoberfest 2011 for K-W!!! LOL
Kate M: It occurred to me today that my cat is older than the students I teach. That really made me feel old.
Kelly Th: I got carded, I got carded, I got carded, I got carded, I got carded, I got carded! WHOO HOOOO. I told the beer store guy I loved him and jumped up and down. Oh dear.
Aly M: My hubby just made Creme Brulee. I love him a little bit more today than I did yesterday. Way to my heart is obviously making cute and wonderful babies and delicious sweet desserts!!
Alison A: Screen printed unicorn witch themed doilies were a major success tonight!! Yay!!!!!!¡¡
Morgan K: Happy to be in track pants at the end of this day.