Yes, we have a family bed.

How is your baby sleeping? Does he sleep through the night?

As I’ve mentioned before, Eli has become a champion napper when he is at home – but he does not “sleep through the night”.

We don’t have a set bed time, so Eli happily falls asleep anywhere between 7pm or 10pm. Sometimes we take a bath, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes he nurses himself to sleep, sometimes he doesn’t. He often falls asleep snugly on my lap or cozily in Rob’s arms. We try really hard to read a book before bed, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. We are okay with all of this.

Eli shares our bed with us. Originally i thought I would never ever ever bed share (Many of the books say it is bad! He’ll never gain independence or learn to self-soothe! Where is the privacy? I’ll roll over on him!), but with a c-section recovery and a hubby who sleeps very soundly I was not able to bend over a cradle or crib and lift my baby, it just seemed to be the most practical solution. Having a baby in your bed makes you hyper-aware of every little movement and breath. It gave me the peace of mind that I didn’t know I needed. Having him close by didn’t keep me awake all night, it made (makes) me sleep better. (and the original “concerns” have all been deemed myths.)

Elijah and I sleep facing each other, belly-to-belly. Our breathing is in perfect harmony. It is so sweet and warm.

Usually at around 4am, he “wakes up” for his dream feed. He doesn’t fuss, I scoot him a bit closer, he starts to eat and I fall back asleep. I am not sure how long he feeds for. He takes what he needs and falls back to sleep peacefully without waking me up again. Do I mind? Not at all. We are both well-rested and happy when we wake up in the morning.

The other day, though, he didn’t wake up for a feeding. I don’t know if it was that he had some solid food later in the day than usual or that he stayed up later that night – but it made me sad. Many parents dream of not having to wake up in the night to feed – and middle of the night feedings are usually the first to  go, but I was sad. I was awake at 4am, but nobody else was.  I didn’t realize how much I loved it until it didn’t happen. [**That was the only day he didn’t wake up. He is back to waking up again. yay!]

I don’t ask for your criticism about bed-sharing or co-sleeping (or research “against” it). As a parent, you discover what works best for you and your family. This is what works for us, and we love, love it. Don’t knock it until you try it, and always do it safely.

ps. Have I mentioned that our wee little plum is sitting up straight on his own now? xo.