7 months.

weight. 18+ lbs

height. .

eyes. big, blue and sparkly. you rub them when you are sleepy.

hair. it keeps growing and growing.

feeding. loving bananas, avocados, apples [but still loving his milk best].

sleeping . Rocking the naps (see previous post!)

pooping. uh-oh. With the start of solid food comes the start of (solid) poo.

things you love. jumping, swimming, hanging out on all 4s, reaching for things, playing with your feet, singing, mom&daddio.

things you don’t love. Not too much. You’re pretty chill.

other [new] awesome things you do. sit straight up, drink from a cup, roll from your back to tummy as often as you can, say different sounds, play sitting up, sing to yourself.

xo Elijah.

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